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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor — The Blast review

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor — The Blast review 0

Otha the Immovable. I’d hunted the bastard for days. Following his every move, interrogating his henchmen. I learned his fears and his weakness. There would be no more charging into battle; I learned my lesson at the wrong end of his sword too much to make that mistake again. Once one of his henchmen squealed(…)

So let’s talk about Destiny…

So let’s talk about Destiny… 0

Before you read this you should know that this is not a Destiny review; at least not in the sense you’d expect. Understand that I’m not even claiming to have come close to finishing what Destiny has to offer — and be wary of anyone who has. Instead, this is more of a commentary of(…)

Video Review — XCOM: Enemy Within 0

When I finished XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted more. Not “more” as in the game had been lacking in any particular aspect, but “more” as in I enjoyed the game so much I was hungry for more. More technology, more aliens, more weapons, more everything. Lucky for me, the(…)