As we all know, different occasions require different dress codes. While some special events require a much more formal style, others can be quite casual. Dressing appropriately for a particular occasion might be difficult for some women looking to make a statement when entering a room.

Humans take visual impressions seriously, so wearing a perfect combination will help you make the best first impression whenever you arrive at events. The first impression often dictates how everything will play out for the rest of the meeting or party.

For example, if you’re going for a job interview, the employer will often make presumptions by observing how you look. The styling you choose will make the first impression even before the employer starts asking questions about your skills and education.

Here are a few tips on how to dress suitably for different occasions to make the best impression.


While men have a much easier task when choosing proper attire for a wedding, women have quite a few options they can choose from when trying to dress according to etiquette. 

The first rule of choosing an appropriate gown is to avoid white at all costs, as the bride should be the only one wearing the color and be in the spotlight during the event. According to expert stylists at Fashion Nova, one of the best shops stocked with gowns for such events, you could never do wrong by choosing either a floor-length or knee-length formal dress.

While many women would prefer floor-length dresses, as they look more elegant, knee-length ones with a slightly more casual look will do the trick as well. Using a knee-length dress will also make your shoes pop, while long dresses might conceal them. 

If you own a pair of shoes that you want to show off, you know which type of dress you should go for on these occasions.

Job interviews

Job interviews are one of the most important events that will dictate your life whether you get a job or not. As mentioned above, the first impression you make by selecting proper attire will, in most cases, set the proper mood and influence the rest of the interview. 

Women in job interviews should avoid wearing flashy jewelry and bright-colored clothes. These accessories can distract the interviewer and give a bad impression. Tone it down a little bit, and wear only accessories that would make you look professional.

Wearing disciplined attire will always give the best impression to your potential employers, and you should always look for a way to make a perfect outfit combination that would make you look like the right person for the job.

Another tip is always wearing a watch on your wrist, as it shows how important timekeeping is for you and that you will always respect the deadlines.


Funerals are the events we least want to go to, but they’re inevitable at some point. While we all know the colors of the attire should be preferably black, you can also go for any other dark color. 

On these sad events, women can go for stylish trousers and an appropriate top that goes well with them. Alternatively, if you want to look more elegant to pay respect to the person you’re saying goodbye to for the last time, a knee-length dress is also appropriate. 

Pay respect by not wearing anything distractive, and keep the jewelry at a minimum. Recommended jewelry can be something like a pearl necklace and earrings that would go well with black.

Business dinners

Business dinners fall in the same group as a job interview, as you have to keep your image of a true professional. You should choose similar attire as you would for an interview, but slightly more relaxed, as there’s no need to make a good first impression.

You should keep your style conservative and avoid wearing anything too provocative because it might seem that you are open to something more than just a professional meeting.

Business dinners should always be about business, and the way you look will have a big impact on how you discuss the future of your company with your colleagues. After dinner, you can change into something more casual if you all decide the night is not over yet and that you could use a little fun after a productive meeting.

That’s the time you can present yourself in a different light and show your colleagues the real outside the office.

The bottom line

Choosing proper attire for these events will make a big impact on you and your future. Visual cues are the first thing humans notice and make conclusions influenced by them, so you should use this opportunity to put your best foot forward.

Stick to our advice, choose a perfect combination for any type of event, and you will have more luck in your personal and business life. 

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