Mountain View, CA – August 26, 2021 – OnMail, the privacy focused and modern email service, today released an update to its webiOS and Android apps featuring Inbox Break, a new ability to quickly and easily pause the ability for emails to enter your mailbox. For too long, consumers have suffered from an endless stream of email at every hour of the day—including during important meetings, classes, family dinners, and time with loved ones. Inbox Break gives you more control over when individuals and their messages can or cannot reach you and take up your attention, so the moments that matter most are uninterrupted.
It’s no secret that screen time overload has reached new heights as more of us work from home than ever before—evolving from the societal norm that’s developed in the last decade of all eyes being glued to cell phones wherever you go. At a child’s soccer game, entire sidelines of parents can be seen with their heads buried in their work while missing precious moments. At the dinner table, families miss out on conversation to instead gaze endlessly into their devices while eating. Beyond the personal cost of email overload, psychological studies also support that more breaks during work hours are better for your job performance, with more rest and clear-mindedness improving cognitive performance to complete tasks.
OnMail aims to tackle the most complex and impactful problems in email today, and the new Inbox Break feature finally prevents emails from coming in at inconvenient times.
“We introduced OnMail to empower you with more control over email than ever before—first to choose who can enter your inbox and now to control when they enter,” said Mikael Berner, Co-Founder and CEO at OnMail. “OnMail’s new Inbox Break allows you to take immediate or scheduled breaks as needed to give you a chance to recover from email overload. For so many people working from home in the last year, maintaining a healthy work-life balance has been a real challenge. We understand how difficult it can be to unplug from email when you literally live in your office. Inbox Break was built to meet that need.”
How It Works: 
Inbox Break works simply and seamlessly across your Free OnMail account. From the inbox menu or Settings, you can switch on breaks as needed. If an individual sends you a message during a designated Inbox Break you’ve switched on, you will not be notified until your break is completed. When the break is over, all email messages paused during your break will appear in your inbox, without ever bothering you. Starting in early September, Inbox Break will also offer you a summary of the emails you missed during your break.
You can also choose to apply your break to all your accounts or only designate specific OnMail accounts. Additional functionality includes the ability to set optional away messages for each account to automatically reply to inbound messages during your break.
OnMail’s Inbox Break automatically syncs across your web, iOS and Android apps. If at any point you wish to cancel a break period, you can easily do so from the top of your inbox or in the Settings menu.
OnMail’s paid Personal and Professional accounts also offer advanced settings allowing you to schedule recurring and ongoing Inbox Breaks at specific dates and times. You can also apply breaks to your imported mail accounts (i.e. Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, and more). OnMail is available for Free, Personal ($4.99 per month), and Professional ($9.99 per month) accounts.
Inbox Break is usable on OnMail’s secure and modern email service, which is safeguarded by multiple layers of security, including user specific encryption keys built with powerful algorithms. OnMail data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. OnMail users can Opt-In to share de-identified ecommerce data with Edison for its aggregated research-backed business model.

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