What is Blast?

Blast is journalism for the video game generation. Yes, we cover video games with our reviews, previews, breaking news, interviews, and feature pieces. But Blast Magazine is not just a gaming website. We are an online magazine for Gen-Y, with movie reviews, musician profiles, and long-form magazine features about every topic from drug use and sex to the changing role of the piano and a 24-year-old mortician.

We are the broke generation. Spoiled, rotten, born between the late 70s and mid 90s. The oldest of us watched those older than us skate through the good times, and we were told that if we went to college and really put our heads down we would do even better!

They lied.

Now we are stuck with a mortgage in student loans, a shortage of jobs, and an economic crisis we played no part in.

We’ve experienced Nintendo, AOL when it was dial-up, Windows, Dos, Mac, iMac, and iPad, games on 3.5″ floppy discs, boy bands, and HDTV.

Blast is online only. Don’t ask for the print edition. We created a form of convergence journalism, looking to combine the quality of print journalism (and print journalists) with the convenience and unlimited space of the web. Where else can you find a 2,000-word video game review or a 3,000-word band interview? Maybe Rolling Stone. Yeah, we’re not as good as Rolling Stone. But maybe we’re the Rolling Stone of video games?



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