They’re calling her the Ninja Warrior Woman, and she’s probably not complaining. A former gymnast named Kacy Catanzaro completed the ‘American Ninja Warrior‘ obstacle course.  Catanzaro is the first woman to ever complete the legendarily difficult challenge in Dallas. This qualifies her  for the final competition in Las Vegas.

Based on a Japanese game show, ‘American Ninja Warrior’ is designed to be one of the most grueling obstacle courses imaginable. Contestants must have strength, speed, and agility in high supply. In fact, the course is so challenging that the American version has not crowned a winner in its 5 seasons on the air. You read that correctly. Not one prior finalist has succeed. A few have come close, but not one has successfully finished the course.

Catanzaro previously held the title of NCAA Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year. She is now being dubbed the Ninja Warrior Woman… and it’s hard to imagine her complaining about a title like that. Only a handful of people complete the course each year. Catanzaro is a member of an elite group of athletes.

Not suprisingly, she is overjoyed with her success. After her win, Catanzaro took to Facebook: “This moment was out of this world! Don’t ever give up on #dreams… accomplishing your goals is a feeling I can’t explain!”

Be sure to watch Catanzaro crush the Ninja course in under nine minutes!




AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR — “Dallas” — Pictured: Kacy Catanzaro — (Photo by: Peter Larsen/NBC)2014 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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