12:08 – That’s All Folks!

Well, that’s the end my friends! Thank you for enjoying our live blog and thanks for supporting the site. Have a good night, I’m Tony Dupre of Blast Magazing signing off.

Good night!



I am so happy right now!

Congratulations cast and crew of Birdman!


12:03 – Best Picture

You’ve all been waiting for it. Sean Penn is here to tell us what’s what!

As I said before, Birdman should win but American Sniper will win because…politics.

I do want Richard Linklater to win an Oscar though.

And the Oscar goes to…BIRDMAN!!



Alright, all that’s left is Best Picture. Now, Neil is going to open his prediction briefcase from the Box of Mystery.


11:53 – Best Actress

Matthew McConaughey is up! Alright alright alright…

I think Julianne Moore should win and I think she will.

And the award goes to…Julianne Moore!



Eddie Redmayne is 33?! He looks like he’s 16.


11:48 – Best Actor

Cate Blanchett presents the award.

I think Bradley Cooper will win but I want Michael Keaton.

Or my boy Benedict Cumberbatch!

And the winner is…Eddie Redmayne! He really did give a brilliant performance.


11:41 – Best Director

Ben Affleck presents the award!

And the Oscar goes to…Alejandro González Iñárritu!

Definitely the most deserving!



I’ve been doing this for four hours now, bruh. Oof…


11:34 – Best Adapted Screenplay

Inherent Vice should win.

And the Oscar goes to…The Imitation Game!



Queue Oprah. How many cars will she give away?!

I hate Oprah.


11:29 – Best Original Screenplay

Here comes Eddie Murphy!

I think Nightcrawler should win, or Birdman.

And the Oscar goes to…Birdman!



He also did the score for Godzilla, which was awesome.


11:20 – Best Original Score

Julie Andrews aka Everyone’s Nanny is presenting the award!

I really hope Interstellar wins, but I think Grand Budapest Hotel will win.

And the Oscar goes to…Alexandre Desplat for Grand Budapest Hotel!



Wow…she looks beautiful and sounds even more beautiful. Forgive me for speaking too soon! I was dead wrong.



Lady Gaga is doing a The Sound of Music performance



Scarlet Johansson, will you marry me? Please and thank you!



All that’s left is a performance by Lady Gaga (ugh…God save me) and the awards for Best Actor, Actress, and Picture!


11:04 – Best Original Song

John Travola and Idina Menzel present the award. Neil’s joke about Benedict Cumberbatch was really funny. Also Benedict’s face was priceless.

And the Oscar goes to…Glory!



Octavia Spencer presents the performance of Glory from Selma by Common and John Legend


10:49 – Best Documentary Feature

Jennifer Anniston and David Oyelowo present the award.

And the Oscar goes to…Citizenfour!


10:46 – Some More Best Picture Nominees

Here comes Terrence Howard!

Uh…he’s basically pausing a lot for way too long, calling each nominee……..amazing….

Uh oh something happened with the audio. Is there a money in the speaker system?!

Alright it’s fine now.


10:43 – Achievement in Film Editing

Naomi Watts and Sherl- I mean Benedict Cumberbatch present the award!

And the Oscar goes to…Whiplash!



Holy crap…I didn’t know Bob Hoskins died…



She’s presenting the In Memoriam. Get ready to cry when they show Robin Williams.



Here comes Meryl Streep! <3


10:24 – Achievement in Cinematography

Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain present the award.

I really want Birdman to win for its unique look, but I think Grand Budapest Hotel will win.

Oh, wow, Birdman did win!


10:20 – Achievement in Production Design

Chris Pratt and Felicity Jones are here to present the award.

The award goes to…Grand Budapest Hotel!



The president of the Academy is giving a speech about storytelling and filmmaking and that no one’s voices or opinions should be brought down or threatened. Film should protect freedom of expression. She talks about brave filmmakers who risk it to express themselves. The ceremony is being shown in over 100 countries and that we are all bound together by our love of cinema. She wants to thank everyone there and all the moviegoers around the world.


10:13 – What Do I Think?

Alright so, as a writer and filmmaker, I love watching the Academy Awards every year. The problem is, each year they get more and more political and pandering and just…meh. So far this ceremony has been pretty bland. Nothing is worse than when Michelle Obama presented the award for Best Picture but I can imagine if American Sniper wins tonight, they’ll be doing some stupid political showboat event.


10:09 – Best Animated Feature

Zo Saldana and The Rock present the award.

I think it’s a complete crime and sin that The Lego Movie is not nominated. Hmph. Whatever.

The winner is Big Hero 6.

No. I am not happy about it. Next category.


10:06 – Best Animated Short

I never understood how anyone thought Kevin Hart was all that funny. Anna Kendrick however is super cute. Anywho, they’re presenting the award. Let’s see who wins!

The winner is…Feast!

Loved that short!


10:05 -Another Hope/Prediction Thingy

I’m not sure who will win for Best Original Score, but I really hope Hans Zimmer wins for Interstellar. Lately his work has been kind of meh but he really came back with something beautiful and unique with Interstellar.


10:02 – Achievement in Visual Effects

Two kids I’ve never heard of are presenting the award. Sorry guys, I forgot their names!

I think either Guardians or Interstellar will win.

And the winner is…Interstellar! Called it!


10 O’Clock

Here comes Josh Hutcherson! Hopefully he doesn’t try and kill the audience in order to win some sort of deranged tournament.

Rita Ora performs the song Grateful


I am very much for equal wages for women, but what at all does that have to do with filmmaking or your performance? Sit down Patricia Arquette, sit down!

Save your activist speeches for another night. That goes for everyone!


9:51 – Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Jared Leto aka The Joker presents the award!


Also, Emma Stone needs to keep that white hair because she looks FINE

Alright here we go:

And the winner is…Patricia Arquette for Boyhood!


9:49 – Best Sound Editing

American Sniper wins


9:46 – Best Sound Mixing

And the winner is…Whiplash!


9:45 – Best Actor Prediction

Honestly, I think and also hope that Michael Keaton will win the award for Best Actor in a Lead Role



I already forgot the names of these presenters but they’re recapping the Technical Awards



Aaaand Neil is wearing tighty-whities haha



Gwyneth Paltrow presents Tim McGraw’s performance of I’m Not Gonna Miss You


9:31 – Governor’s Awards

Viola Davis presents


9:28 – Best Short Documentary

Same people present.

And the winner is…Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1


9:25 – Best Short Film

Kerry Washington and Jason Bateman present the award.

And the winner is…The Phone Call!



The Lonely Island, among many others, is performing Everything is Awesome. It’s pretty funny and great.



Marion Cotillard presents the performance of Everything is Awesome



Neil is interviewing some of the audience, very funny.


9:13 – Another Best Picture Nominee

Shirley MacLaine is presenting some more nominees for Best Picture


9:09 – Best Foreign Language Film

Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor present the award.

And the winner is…Ida!


9:03 – Team Oscar Search

Channing Tatum is presenting


9:00 – Achievement in Makeup and Hair

Reese Witherspoon presents the award to Grand Budapest Hotel



And the winner is…Milena Canonero for Grand Budapest Hotel!


8:57 – Achievement in Costume Design

Jennifer Lopez and Chris Pine are up to present the award.



Commercial break, people! The things I would do to be as attractive as the people in this audience…



Maroon 5 is performing


8:46 – Best Picture Nominees

Liam Neeson is up presenting the nominees for Best Picture.



Neil is talking about his magical briefcases of predictions that is locked in a clear case. It’s pretty hilarious.



And the winner is…J.K. Simmons!


8:39 – Actor in a Supporting Role

Lupita Nyong’o is up presenting the award.

(also, just saw Zedd in the audience!)



So far loving this intro. A lot.



NPH should have hosted this as Dr. Horrible


8:30 – It Begins!

Heeeeere’s Neil!


8:26 – J.K. Simmons

Super excited that this is J.K. Simmons’ first ever Oscar nomination.

x700 (jk)

8:25 – Five Minutes to Showtime

Five minutes, people! Here’s how Best Actor Nominee Michael Keaton is looking tonight.



Big surprise, Lady Gaga is wearing something ugly.


8:16 – Best Picture Prediction

Best Picture  As for some predictions, we all know the Academy Awards are a very political process and I honestly think that American Sniper will win this year.


8:13 – My Dinner Tonight

In case you were wondering, I’m about to go to town on some pizza and curly fries.




Just under thirty minutes until this thing starts!



Jimmy Kimmel wins Best Dressed (just kidding)


Before the Show

Hey everyone, Tony here. I’m throwing a large cheese pizza in the oven and prepping for tonight’s Oscars because I’ll be live-blogging it all night! Get updates here and follow me @theboneshackles on Twitter and @thatsquacktastic on Instagram for even more info! See you at 8:30!

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