Lately, Borderlands 2 has pretty much dominated all of our free time here at 8BP, crippling both our social and professional lives.  However, because we love you listeners oh so very much, we managed to pry ourselves out of Pandora (some of us kicking and screaming) to record another brilliant, yet morally inappropriate episode.  Tune in this week to hear:

  • The Borderlands 1 character quote game where one listener wins some loot.
  • Handsome Joe’s love/hatehatehate relationship with
  • A (mostly) spoiler-free, in-depth discussion regarding what’s new, what’s old, what’s awesome, and what sucks about Borderlands 2.
  • A listener FAP session regarding the future of the Borderlands franchise.
  • An ethically ambiguous and legally questionable Fuck, Marry, Kill.
  • An inevitable imitation bacon tirade.

If you happen to be the lucky listener who wins this episode’s prize, make sure to contact us via Facebook or Twitter to claim your loot!

So whether you’re a level capped Gunzerker, or a complete Borderlands n00b, hit up this episode for all your vault hunting needs. Trust us, this episode’s got a gut ‘fulla dynamite and a booty like POW!

(WARNING:  Explicit language, NSFW)

(To download, right click the play button and save audio as.)

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