Do you love entertainment, writing and news? Have you ever dreamed of being an editor at a published magazine? Now is your chance to get involved! Blast Magazine is looking for editors. We have two open positions to fill: Video Game Editor and Lifestyle Editor. Our ideal candidate has a strong command of language and an interest in the topics they’re editing.

The Video Game Editor will be in charge of editing and formatting all content in our Video Game section, and will also help network and acquire new writers and idea for the section. We’re looking for someone who can keep frequent, high-quality video game content on the site at all times.

The Lifestyle Editor will do the same for our Lifestyle, Science and Tech and Enterprise sections. The Lifestyle Editor especially will have the opportunity to shape and define the focus of the sections, and will also have editing and networking responsibilities like the Video Game Editor. We expect the two positions to be about equal in commitment and workload.

Both positions are unpaid but offer great writing and journalism experience, and are also pretty fun!

Please submit all applications to [email protected]. Please include the following:

-Why you’d like to be an editor for Blast.

-A list of your relevant journalism, editing, or writing experience/coursework. If you have none, tell us what you’d like to learn!

-Any written clips you have. If you don’t have much writing/editing experience or any published clips, send over classwork or write something now! We just want to make sure you understand what works in an article.

Additionally, we are always accepting applications for writers. Our writers have more room for creativity and flexibility at Blast than at most publications. We accept writers with all levels of experience, from amateur television fans to Journalism school graduates.If you are interested in becoming a writer or columnist for us, send over an email. Just include what you’d like to write about and we’ll go from there.


We hope to hear from you! Best of luck.


Georgeanne Oliver

Site Editor

Blast Magazine

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Georgeanne Oliver is Blast's Site Editor.

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