Cradle, the 12-book New York Times best-selling fantasy book series, is coming to animated life.

In preparation for the release of the 12th and final book of the series, Will Wight, the series’ author, began discussions with his team about where to take Cradle next. After considering how the stories could best be presented in another medium, “we realized that we had to pursue a more visual approach to storytelling, and animation seemed the logical direction,” shared Wight.

Combining forces with Jay Oliva, notable DC Animation director, the decision was made to launch a Kickstarter for Cradle: Unsouled, an animated depiction of the series’ first book. Designed to give fans even greater connection to the stories, realms, and characters of the popular fable, the Kickstarter campaign, which ends February 9th, has already achieved over half of its initial goal of $1 million.

“We wanted to do this as a Kickstarter instead of seeking private funding because we wanted this to be completely a fan project,” says Wight. And a fan project it is, with over 3,800 backers donating to the Kickstarter, which includes perks such as early viewing access to the animation, a private screening, and Cradle-inspired toys and accessories.

For those unfamiliar with the Cradle books, the series is full of magic and action, following the journey of Lindon, an initially powerless character who sets off a journey to master the magical martial arts of his world and fight off an apocalypse.

When asked what attracted him to the idea of a Cradle animated adaptation, Oliva shared his passion for the book’s characters and story, explaining that “these are fully fleshed out characters in rich, lush environments. Even if I wasn’t the one animating it, I’d be lining up to see these stories brought to the screen.”

If you are interested in learning more about Cradle: Unsouled’s Kickstarter, you can find the Kickstarter here!

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