Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number review

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the second and final game in the Hotline Miami series, bringing us a definitive ending the the ultra violent retro-styled rogue-like. And it was good. Hotline Miami 2 takes...

Excave Review

If there was a genre of 3DS games that needed to be added to, it’s the dungeon crawler genre. Excave, the first of a trilogy to be brought to America, looks to fill that that void and takes its best shot at...

Cloudbuilt: First Look

Indie developer Coilworks has delivered a speedrunner fan’s wet dream with their new game “Cloudbuilt.” The developers have utilized an art style similar to that of the Borderlands series with this...
In game screenshot

Reload review

Reload is what you would get if a bowling alley arcade shooter crawled its way into your computer. Steam has recently encountered the issue of games slipping through Early Access and Greenlight while being...