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From an actual Internet Conversation:

What’s up for tonight? Any plans? Any idea how Friday looks for lunch?

Friday ain’t gonna work. I promised my wife I’d go into town with her tomorrow night to go to dinner with some of her friends.

I understand about tomorrow. Let me ask you a question though and be totally honest, ok babe? Would you rather scrap the idea about meeting altogether? I feel like I’m badgering you.

Of course I want you to keep harassing me about getting together!!! Because one of these days, when the time is right, I’m going to absolutely surprise you and show up! I promise 🙂

Dana, also known as “BostonChic,” pulls her red Jeep onto a side street next to her South Boston apartment. "It’s nearly impossible to get this good of parking at night," she said, turning off the engine. Jacketless in November, she walks through the dark alley surrounded by mist and has her key ready when she reaches the front door.

Inside, the hallway smells of potpourri, powder and perfume. The light blue walls and twig wreath hanging on a nail on the front door are comforting signs of home. Keys still in hand, Dana unlocks her door and steps into a small but cozy, modern-deco apartment. She kicks her blue Crocs off in front of the stove, revealing a festive red pedicure–fit for the holiday season–and puts on a pot of coffee. Homemade corn bread sits on the wooden cutting block and she cuts two thick slices.

The picture of domesticity, she takes a seat at the kitchen table, pulls up the sleeves of her gray sweater and blows on her coffee to cool it. Later, after she’s settled in and calmed down from a hectic day working in downtown Boston, Dana will curl her legs under her on the couch, pop open her black laptop and continue a chat she started earlier that day with one of the married men she’s having sex with. There’s been X and Y and Z. Lately, she’s been thinking about adding Q. But tonight, she’s got her sights on her favorite, a man she calls K.

Thank you so much for coming out and having lunch with me K. It was great meeting you after all this time. I’m looking forward to getting together again.

Hey sexy. Thanks for having me down. I had a great time, I’m sorry it took this long for us to finally get together. I can’t wait to do it again….

Thirty-eight-years-old and single, Dana is a savvy Internet guru when it comes to finding what she wants online: sex, especially with married men. Jaded from the dating world and countless first meetings gone awry, many people have turned to the Internet as the quickest and easiest method to fulfill physical needs without the strings.

With a temporary, self-imposed dating ban, Dana is simply looking online for companionship and someone with whom she could spend a few secret hours every once in a while. And the Internet has made her search for hassle-free, no-fuss sex easily.

"It’s convenient,” she admitted. “I don’t have time to go to a bar or a club and pick someone up.”

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