Hindsight 20/20 – Wrath of the Raakshasa, the action-RPG with morality-based decisions from the BioWare, ArenaNet, and Sucker Punch veterans at Triple-I Games, takes players on an epic journey full of difficult decisions on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows via Steam on Thursday, September 9.
Young one-armed warrior Jehan stands between two wildly different worlds. Growing up in the kingdom of Champaner, he learned to abhor violence. He chose pacifism whenever possible, at worst using a stun baton in self-defense. That was before his father’s murder, before the virus started turning Champaner’s citizens into bloodthirsty Raakshasas. Now Jehan finds himself at the crossroads of fate itself, and his decisions will shape the future of the entire world.
Mold the future, one choice at a time. Uphold Champaner’s values with a stun rod in Merciful combat, or embrace the sweet finality of sharpened steel in Ruthless battle. Wield special abilities from throwing the sword like a boomerang to stunning entire crowds of enemies. Confront bosses reacting to Merciful and Ruthless combat differently, effectively creating two different encounters.
Jehan’s actions — combat, dialogue, even who he chooses to help and when — alter how passerbys perceive him throughout his journey. What may seem like the “right” path early on can have unexpected implications further down the road, leading to 10 different endings. Explore a gorgeous watercolor world blending magic and technology in a highly divergent story encouraging multiple playthroughs to see all of the different possibilities.
On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, Hindsight 20/20 runs at 4K/60FPS with improved post-processing effects like light bloom and ambient occlusion. The PlayStation 5 version provides a more immersive experience via the DualShock’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.
“Hindsight was developed around our custom-built Experience Engine that grants players deeper choices and consequences,” said Hemanshu Chhabra, creative director at Triple-I Games. “We don’t want our dilemmas to be black and white, and we hope our game makes you carefully consider your actions when it releases in September.”
Hindsight 20/20 will be available in English on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, and Windows via Steam on Thursday, September 9.
To learn more, please visit Hindsight 20/20’s official siteSteam pageTwitterInstagramDiscord channel, and Facebook page.

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