Wow Elizabeth Banks…funny and gorgeous. What was that, the 8th James Cameron joke? She hosted the Sci Tech awards show apparently. Not that I am much of a dress expert, but hers might be my favorite so far.

Cool to get John Travolta to introduce Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds.” Although Travolta might need Tarantino’s help with another comeback role after the double crap whammy that was “Old Dogs” and “From Paris With Love.” He has slipped so far from the heights he reached with his turn as Vincent Vega in 1994’s awesome “Pulp Fiction.”

And we have Sandra Bullock out to present Cinematography. Not a make-up expert either, but Sandra Bullock’s lipstick might be a bit much. Wow, are those lips red. And “Avatar” rebounds with a win. Ah, Mauro Fiore, thanks for keeping your speech short. I loved “Avatar” but I was rooting for Bruno Delbonnel from “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Thought it was the most gorgeously shot movie of the year.

A really nice thing — Demi Moore introduces James Taylor to play a song commemorating the stars who died this year. Taylor absolutely killed with an acoustic version of “In My Life.” Nice simple way to remember the deceased.

Another curious duo, pairing Jennifer Lopez and Sam Worthington. And of course we get our completely unneeded dance montage. I would have much rather had the best song nominees performed than an interpretive dance number. Though the version of the robot they did during the “Up” portion was pretty cool. It is a bit suprising “Avatar” got nominated for best score. James Horner has been coasting since his win for “Titanic” and the score was one of the weakest aspects of the film. And Horner shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near the Oscars after that horrendous Leona Lewis song over the end credits.

Sweet, Micheal Giacchino won for “Up.” Giacchino is probably the most inventive composer working right now. Not only did he score “Up” but he also composed the really cool score for “Star Trek” and has done the music for every season of “Lost.” The guy is the go-to pop culture composer.

“Avatar” picks up its third award of the night for visual effects…didn’t see that one coming. Right now “Avatar” and “Hurt Locker are tied at three awards a piece.

And by the way, what’s George Clooney’s problem? He’s shot a few pretty nasty glances at the camera this evening.

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  1. sue

    Clooney’s nasty looks were part of the routine with Martin and Baldwin. You know….”make fun of everyone else but don’t mess with me” kind of thing. He wasn’t being serious.


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