Nancy Love has loved to sing since she was a child. Now, the Canadian pop artist has launched a musical career and hopes to bring her upbeat pop music to audiences around the world. Blast chatted with the young artist about her creative influences, live performances, and the undeniable effect music has had on her life.


Blast: What sort of music did you listen to growing up, and how has it influenced the music you make today?

Love: While growing up I listened to a lot of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and a lot of awesome 90s music! In terms of genre it was a little bit of everything but I mostly geared my attention into pop music and dance although I also really liked RnB as well. As time went by my catalog of musical influences obviously grew more but never changed.  It has influenced the music I make today because since a young age those artists and genre of music always stood out to me as interesting, fun and upbeat and that’s exactly the kind of music I love to listen to and create.


Blast: When did you decide to pursue a career in music and what influenced this decision? Did anyone in particular encourage you?
Love: I decided to pursue a career in music because I have always been drawn and have always had a huge passion for music and the music world since a very young age… Music is what truly describes me as a person and it’s something that I can’t live a day without! Being on stage is the best thing in the world and I think who particularly encouraged me would be my family, friends and fans because they have given me so much strength and support in what I love to do.


Blast: Explain the process of writing your songs- do you write your own music?
Love: Yes, I do write my own music and always have. I love to write and I’m always inspired to write more new songs as my journey continues. The process of writing my songs is very interesting. I either finish a brand new song in one sitting or I could be doing anything and then an idea for a new song pops into my mind and all of a sudden I have to go rushing for pen and paper. Overall it’s a fun process and I enjoy every minute of it!


Blast: Are any live performances of yours particularly memorable for you?
Love: Yes! I have a lot of live performances that are very memorable to me but I would have to say that the most memorable one that I have had so far would be the live performance that I had at The Opera House in Toronto! That night was super fun and I got most of the crowd dancing.


Blast: Which do you prefer, live performances or being in the studio? Why?

Love: It is so hard for me to choose just one because I love being in the studio because it’s like a second home to me, and it’s just the perfect space where I become very creative and totally in the zone. It’s basically like therapy to me but I also love doing live performances because it really gets me out there into the public and helps me to express myself by dancing and connecting with the audience. I love both!


Blast: What excites you most about your new album? Any favorite tracks?

Love: What excites me the most is that this album completely describes and shows off who I am not only as an artist but as a person as well. It’s an album that you can easily relate to- it’s fun, meaningful and upbeat and the special thing about my album is that each song holds a very special message and meaning. They are all my favorite tracks- so hard to choose!


Blast: How would you describe your own music? What type of sound are you going for?
Love: I would describe my music to be fun, meaningful, energetic and sentimental. I am only trying to sound like me.


Blast: Besides your own, what current music are you excited for?

Love: I have been excited about Tori Kelly’s new album that just released. She is one of my role models! She’s super talented, down to earth and insanely simple which I adore.
Blast: What musicians would you love to collaborate with?
Love: I would love to collaborate with Justin Bieber (no joke), Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Tori Kelly and so many more! What a dream come true that would be.

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