I never make picks. I am so superstitious that I always feel like I’m jinxing whichever team I pick to win. But what can you do? I thought I would step up and see how I fare. Here they are: some have commentary, some don’t. I’m shooting for a winning record- that is my only goal.

Side note: I hate spreads. A win is a win in my book. I have no bookie and so there will be no spread. I’ve decided I’m a‚ sports purist.

Denver v. Cleveland:‚ Denver The Broncos are a pretty solid team offensively. Defense is another story. But with Quinn getting the nod and officially playing his first NFL game,‚  I don’t think‚ Denver‚ will have to worry too much. I’m thinking that Denver will establish an early lead and Quinn will have trouble carrying his team to a victory.

New Orleans‚ v. Atlanta: New Orleans‚ This is a big divisional game for the two NFC‚ South teams. I’m thinking NO pulls out the win and makes things even more interesting. That said:‚ I would love to see the Falcons win it and potentially be tied for the lead. If one team deserves some fun, it’s ATL fans.

Tennessee v. Chicago: Tennessee The only team still without a loss and playing a potentially banged up (sprained ankle) Orton or a healthy Grossman. I’m not sure which is worse.

Jacksonville v. Detroit: Jacksonville This could be an ugly game. The Lions picked up Culpepper and are grasping at straws for some kind of spark. I don’t think it’s their week- again.

Seattle v. Miami: Unfortunately Miami

Green Bay v. Minnesota: Green Bay‚  After a tough loss last week to the Titans, I can see the Pack playing hard for the win especially against their rival. If it was at home I would have said definitely a win, but on the road I think it will be close.

Buffalo v. New England: New England The Pats lost last week because of‚ their coaching and‚ a‚ game changing penatly‚ by a tight end who really brings nothing to the field. Sorry- checking my bitterness…

It‚ is a showdown in the AFC East. Man, I haven’t said that in a while. The‚ Pats need to win at home before they travel‚ north‚ for their rematch later‚ in the year. This is stage setting for when it‚ really may be for the divison crown.‚ GO PATS!

St. Louis v. New York Jets: St. Louis

Baltimore v. Houston: Baltimore

Carolina v. Oakland: Carolina

Indianapolis v. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Big Ben has been roughed up this season, but the Colts are not‚ the team they have been. This should be a great game to watch, but I think it’s Pittsburgh’s to lose.

Kansas City v. San Diego: San Diego

New York Giants v. Philadelphia: Philly‚  Loss number two has to be coming soon and it’s gonna be Philly handing it to the Giants. I can feel it. At least I hope I can.

San Francisco v. Arizona: Arizona Kurt Warner will lead his team to victory with 4 TDs. Okay- that is to appease one person I know that has Warner on his fantasy team. But I do expect Warner to bring it home.

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  1. Micah Warren

    I can’t believe Philly is favored by 3. I haven’t spoken to anyone that understands how Philly is favored by 3.

    If the Eagles have one or two too many three and outs in the second half, that defense is going to be toast in the fourth quarter and the Giants are going to run all over them to kill the clock.

    That said: I suck a big one when it comes to prognostications. I think Kansas City will win the Eagles/Giants game.


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