The Chosen

The Chosen has a Fervent Following

This wasn’t the best year for television by a long stretch, but a hugely under-the-radar web series has caught a lot of attention in an underserved market. Interestingly enough, it’s about Jesus Christ and it h...

My Name is Bulger – Documentary Review

My Name is Bulger is not an apologia, but it is a defense. If you live in New England, you are almost certainly aware of James “Whitey” Bulger and his infamous, criminal career. To a lesser extent, you are a...

Godzilla vs. Kong Review

A well-crafted, candy-colored, eye-popping title bout made for fans, it delivers on its promise: a fun cinematic confrontation of two titans.
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Best Casino Scenes on Netflix

Netflix is a veritable hub of goodness. No matter what movie genre you are in the mood for, they have it.  Feel like crying on a Wednesday afternoon? Getting a big helping of horror on a Monday?  No matte...

Minari Film Review

The stakes are low here, but as the film builds to its incendiary climax, it delivers a film where even in these quiet moments, it’s increasingly difficult to look away.