Aloha – Movie Review

With a promising cast led by Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper, how could “Aloha” not succeed? The romantic comedy chronicles washed-out veteran turned contractor Brian Gilcrest’s (Cooper) return to Hawaii. Amid...
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Jason Alexander hits cyclist

Here's a rare Hollywood story. An actor hit a bicyclist while driving, and he didn't run off or end up getting arrested for DUI. Jason Alexander, who we know and love as George Costanza from "Seinfeld," acci...
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Oscars fashion wrap up

There were two questions running through everyone's mind at the‚  81st Academy Awards: 1. Who will take home the most awards -- Slumdog Millionaire or Benjamin Button, and 2. Why is Philip Seymore Hoffman wear...
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So we survived our first day… barely

We finally got over the jet-lag and headed to Tinsel Town. Not gonna lie, it wasn't exactly what I expected, but that's mostly because we started off in the slums and then managed to continue far enough down Hollywood Boulevard to reach Touristwood, the Hollywood everyone wants us to see. I was pretty excited.