There were two questions running through everyone’s mind at the‚  81st Academy Awards: 1. Who will take home the most awards — Slumdog Millionaire or Benjamin Button, and 2. Why is Philip Seymore Hoffman wearing that beanie?

Fashion has always been a huge part of the hype surrounding the Academy Awards and Sunday was no different. With Hollywood’s brightest stars walking the red‚  carpet in their finest, we can always expect to see some characters.

Best of the Evening

Taraji P. Henson

With a white, curve-hugging dress by Alberta Ferretti, Taraji keeps you captivated from head to toe. A stunning, sharp necklace contrasts with the dress as it softly unfolds into a train.
Anne Hathaway

This lucky lady actually got to wear two dresses at the Academy Awards tonight. Her red carpet dress by Armani kept with the neutral tones of the evening, fishtailing at the bottom with bright paillettes throwing light and intrigue into her look. Once on the stage with Hugh, you might have noticed she changed into something a little more danceable, but no less charming.
Angelina Jolie

Less is more. Angelina kept it simple and striking with a black Elie Saab gown, and green Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. There’s really not much to say about how this woman constantly keeps up her track record for being undeniably attractive. Not to mention the arm candy that never goes out of style – Brad Pitt.
Freida Pinto

Despite being part of the stand-out movie of the year, Freida could have been spotted anywhere on the red carpet with her deep blue, one sleeved John Galliano gown. She looked timelessly beautiful, which was fitting considering her diamond ring was 150 years old.

Penelope Cruz

Another neutral color, but by no means plain. Penelope’s dress was vintage, ruched, and brilliantly embellished. It’s hard to believe, but this dress has waited in the shop for Penelope for 8 years. We’re glad she found it again.

Hugh Jackman

He was just too brilliant to look anything but spectacular. It might have been the song and dance that blinded us, but his simple, sharp tux really looked great on a stage worthy of the old glamorous Hollywood.

Robert Pattinson

We can’t help but mention our new favorite Brit. In a classic old-school tux with a skinny bow tie, Rob showed us how well he can clean up. Not only did he shed a bit of his new beard, but also a bit of his British accent for presenting this evening.

Worst of the Evening

Jessica Biel

Although white might have been in this year, Biel missed the target with this shape-contorting block by Prada. With one of the best bodies in Hollywood, it’s a shame she decided to cover those curves up with this tiered mess of extra material.

Tilda Swinton

Why would such a dignified woman and actress dress in something that made her look like a cigarette? The black and grayish-white number by Lanvin left her skin looking even more pale than normal and reduced her figure to one hard line.

Mickey Rourke

It’s hard to say this is one of the worst when he’s donning a necklace in memory of his dear Loki, but alas, it’s true. His white Jean Paul Gaultier number definitely shows the gusto we expect from Rourke, not to mention the random chains and wicked witch of the west shoes that we should have expected, really.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This “barely mint” Dior Haute Couture strapless seems like a shout out to her recurring character Carrie Bradshaw. It definitely makes her cleavage “barely” avoidable, but in conjunction with her overstated makeup, leads us to remember that Carrie often wore some pretty ugly (though supposedly fashion forward) stuff.

Sophia Loren

It’s hard to put into words really – and it seems it must have been hard to put into fabric. A neutral, yellowish, puffy octopus inspired dress oozed around Sophia while sallowing her skin color and clashing with her hair.

Heidi Klum

Think origami inspired ’80s Jetsons and you’ve imagined Heidi Klum’s red Roland Mouret gown. Bold, yes. Tacky? Just maybe. Fashion forward? I guess we’ll see in a century or two.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

We saved the best for last. Sure, the tux was normal, but we kept getting distracted by the beanie. With sweeping locks falling from underneath the hat, we figure that maybe he’s trying out the young look we’ve seen so many of our heart throbs wear out on the towns, but at the Academy Awards? On Philip Seymour Hoffman. It just doesn’t add up.

Now let us know what you think. Were you as equally dazzled by our stars and starlets? Do you think Miley Cyrus deserved to be on this list in one way or another? Think the beanie was hot? Reveal your fashion highs and lows of the night below in the comment box.

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4 Responses

  1. Keith

    Heidi Klum’s Hair looked like it had been cut with a weed whip! It was horrible. It looked like straw.

  2. MC

    Regarding Philip Seymour Hoffman’s look (as well as Adrien Brody’s), these guys are working actors who could possibly be in the middle of a production right now. To cut, shave and clean up for one night might set back a productions for days or even weeks if they have to wait for their lead character to match the footage they’ve already shot. Give them all a little breathing room so that they can keep providing you with the entertaining characters that this awards show is recognizing.

  3. Ana

    I am really tired of hearing everyone saying that Angelina Jolie had one of the best dresses. Why for God sake? It was so simple black I thought she is in mourning or something, the only thing that saved her was that she showed some skin. Not my favorite cleavage either! Plus, looking at the TV, her earrings and ring looked just cheap. I know they were emeralds, not glass but truly, they looked like ordinary oversized green glass pieces that would have worked on a beach summer dress, but not on the Oscars’ night.
    To quote Hugh Jackman… what is happening with you people, “are you just contractually obligated to mention her on the list?” I mean, I know she is gorgeous and she can wear a paper bag but look at the dress! That is not glamor, that is just… ordinary!


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