Going into the theater, and especially seeing the line of people dressed in every shade of pink you could imagine, I had certain expectations about how the Barbie Movie would come to life (pun intended). 

However, the film truly exceeded my expectations in the best way. Not only was it funny but the takeaways and messaging resonated with me.

Greta Gerwig honestly thought of everything, (obviously she’s amazing) down to the pre-toothpasted toothbrush that Margot Robbie used to fake brush her teeth, down to every scene. Production and wardrobe outdid themselves. Everyone was from a specific Barbie collection, whether it be Cowboy Barbie, Disco Barbie, Camping Barbie, every scene had an outfit straight from Barbie herself. It was cool to see how in-depth the details got as the movie progressed. 

The set was literally out of a Barbie box. Every detail from the fake waves at the beach, to the empty cups where actors pretending to drink from just like the actual doll would was really nice to see. Additionally, the use of animation was perfectly timed and not over done which was a pleasant surprise. 

Margot Robbie, was iconic (let’s be honest she always is and always will be) but she gotta have fun with this role and you could tell throughout the movie through Barbies character development, that Robbie not only had fun but delivered the character with grace and charisma. 

Kate Mckinnon, hilarious as always and her character, “Weird Barbie” was a nice touch. 

Ryan Gosling as Ken will not disappoint, especially with his musical numbers.

The plot itself dove into the every indepth and truthful reality that women face in what is a predominantly man’s world and the idea of Barbie’s world being the opposite of the patriarchy was on point. America Ferrerra’s speech hit every single nail on the end. 

I do have to say my favorite part was towards the end when Margot Robbie and Rhea Perlman, whose character is the creator of Barbie, shared a moment of honest humanity. The discussion about Barbie wanting to be the imaginator not just the idea, stuck with me. 

There are a plethora of cameos and plot developments that you have to see to believe. 


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