The console race is alive and well.

Following the lukewarm reception of the upgraded PS4 Pro, Microsoft was quick to jump into the fray with a couple of punches against their longtime rival in the console market.

In a tweet posted yesterday, the Seattle based company highlighted how much more 4K media their newly released Xbox One S can support when compared to the PS4 Pro, which is still a few months away.

And they are not wrong. The PS4 Pro will not come with a 4K Blu-Ray player, an incredible omission considering that PS3 was the first console to feature the Sony backed optical disk. This goes without saying that the Pro will also retail for $399, $100 more than Microsoft’s machine.

All of this trash talking needs to be backed up, to which head of Xbox Games marketing Aaron Greenberg brought up the upcoming Project Scorpio as the “true 4k gaming” machine.

It’s nice to see some friendly bickering so long after the Sega/Nintendo feud of the 90’s ceased to be. Here is hoping that the consumer comes out on top again.

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