Meet Bostonian Glen James. He’s been homeless since 2005 after losing his job at a courthouse, but his poverty didn’t cloud the judgment of his giving heart when he found a backpack full of money and travelers checks last Saturday evening.

After checking the bag’s contents — a passport, cold hard cash, and tens of thousands in traveler’s checks — James turned the bag in to police officers without a second thought.

abc_gma_backpack_130916_wg“Even if I were desperate for money, I would not have kept even a penny,” James said in a statement.

The bag belonged to a visiting student from China, who contacted authorities in a panic the same evening. After verifying the man’s identity, police returned his belongings and he went on his way.

Boston Police honored James during a ceremony Monday afternoon.

Through his honesty, there’s hope that life might be different for James, who suffers from Meniere’s disease — an inner ear condition that causes chronic vertigo, which makes it difficult for him to hold a steady job — as several people have expressed desire to help this exceptionally honest man.

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