Last week, Brooklyn-based producer Space Jesus dropped his fifth EP, titled ATOM + EVE.

Space Jesus' latest EP, ATOM+EVE. Media credit to Cognac Planet

Space Jesus’ latest EP, ATOM+EVE. Media credit to Cognac Planet

Jasha Tull, who goes by Space Jesus,  was described by Your EDM as “kaleidoscopic assortment of hyper-nova powered beats” and he’s created what can only be called reggae dub-hop. ATOM + EVE is just four tracks, but each are distinctly unique, with “Mom’s Spaghetti”, a track which features fellow-Jersey born Esseks, being a personal favorite. Maybe I just love this track as a Jersey girl, but the ode to Italians in NJ is perfection in my eyes.  You can download the EP for free on Space Jesus’ Bandcamp page. This summer is looking busy for him, as he’ll be releasing a full-length debut with GDP as their side project called #$ (pronounced Hash Money.) But Space Jesus will be on playing a number of solo shows over the summer on the east coast, so be sure to catch him! Summer Tour Dates: 6/21 @ Hegstrom Hill – Brooks, Maine 6/28 @ BASSment Saturdays, Webster Hall – New York, NY 7/11-13 @ Luna Light Festival – Barto, PA 7/24- 26 @ Farm Fest – Vernon, NJ 8/09 @ Wild Woods Festival – Croydon, NH 9/19-21 @ Great North Festival – Norridgewock, Maine

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