English singer-songwriter Adele topped the Billboard 200 this week with her sophomore album, “21,” selling more than 350,000 copies.

The Best New Artist Grammy winner’s previous album, “19,” debuted at #56, and topped out at little more than 900,000 total albums in the U.S. The album, written while the singer was 21 (she’s now 22), has experienced similar critical acclaim to her first; it has been certified 3x platinum in just a few weeks in England.

Justin Bieber occupied the second and fifth position on the chart with “Never Say Never: The Remixes (102,000 albums sold) and “My World 2.0” (42,000). Mumford and Suns “Sigh No More” sold 71,000 for number 3, “Now 37” came in at number five.

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