So last time I came out about even. This could be the wildest NFL season that I have ever seen and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That said it doesn’t bode well for any kind of picks. Let’s see if I can better my score.

Titans v. Detroit: Titans Happy Thanksgiving! You once again get to watch the Lions get stomped on. At this point it is as much of a tradition as turkey and stuffing.

Seahawks v. Cowboys: Cowboys

Cardinals v. Eagles: Cardinals

Ravens v. Bengals: Ravens

49ers v. Bills: Bills

Panthers v. Packers: Panthers

Saints v. Bucs: Saints

Giants v. Redskins: Giants

Colts v. Browns: Colts

Dolphins v. Rams: Dolphins

Falcons v. Chargers: Falcons

Steelers v. Pats: Pats

Chiefs v. Raiders: Raiders

Broncos v. Jets: Broncos

Bears v. Vikings: Bears

Jaguars v. Texans: Texans

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