Comic fans got their wish today, when rumors were confirmed that Telltale Games, the studio behind episodic adventures like Sam and Max, Back to the Future and the upcoming Jurassic Park series have acquired the rights to publish games based on the Walking Dead franchise. They also got a surprise though, Telltale has also confirmed that they’ll be making games based off indie comic hit Fables.

Fables is easily one one the hottest comic book properties in the world right now. Written by Bill Willingham, the series follows a group of fairly tale creatures as they seek refuge in New York City following a war. The Walking Dead is undoubtedly much more recognizable outside of the comics community thanks to a highly acclaimed A&E TV series that just wrapped up it’s first season. The Robert Kirkman penned  books and TV show follow a group of survivors as they try to establish a new life after a zombie apocalypse.

No release date or other information has been given for either game, but expect them to be episodic digital downloads like TellTale’s other games.

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