There is no need to go‚ into the details because we know what happened- Tom Brady is done for the year. An ACL tear took the superstar out of the 2008 season and now we are looking at a season without last years NFL MVP.

So what’s next?

At this point you have to assume not much. Cassel is their man, for the time being. If he doesn’t produce, we go from there. I would predict that the Pats leave him at the wheel, unless something totally unacceptable happens, until the early bye week. Jets, Dolphins and bye. Then we reevaluate.

Pats fans just have to remember that we have one of the easiest schedules‚ in the NFL and even minus the Brady factor we will have one of the strongest rosters. Remember Randy Moss? Remember Rodney Harrison? It hurts- a lot- but he isn’t our only asset.

No one knows at this point what will happen. But I think Tony Massarotti made a really good point on his new blog at his new home on He says that this may be all up to Bill Belichick.

He says,

Bill Belichick.The mastermind has arguably his greatest challenge. If he can win a title without Brady, he’ll go down as the undisputed Best Coach in History.

I agree and believe it is possible. I also think people are forgetting that Josh McDaniels, the Pats offensive coordinator, has a big task at hand. Cassel knows the system. Rumors have surfaced that the only reason Cassel is around now is because Brady felt most comfortable with him and his knowledge of the playbook. McDaniels job will be to take the playbook and tweak it so it accommodates Cassel. Yes, a Brady playbook may work for Cassel for a game, but it won’t work all season as Cassel doesn’t have the arm or the confidence in the pocket that Brady has.

So we will see. Oh yeah, the Sox are .5 behind the Rays.‚ There is‚ glimmer of sunshine‚ in what seems to be a cloudy New England sky.

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