As a pretty diehard “Fringe” fan, I’m pretty disappointed to write those words as well. But after an promising start to its Friday timeslot three weeks ago, two consecutive weeks of sinking ratings for “Fringe” are spelling the beginning of the end for the show. If it continues its current ratings trend, it will join “Human Target” and “Lie to Me” as shows most likely to be cancelled by Fox this season.

Last night “Fringe” drew a 1.4 in the demo, down from last weeks 1.6 and the first two weeks’ 1.9 demo. Fox president Kevin Reilly previously said if “Fringe” delivered 80% of its Thursday ratings it would be renewed; it has now fallen below that level.

8 pm

Kitchen Nightmares: 1.5 demo, 3.7 million viewers

Who Do You Think You Are: 1.4 demo, 6.6 million viewers

The Defenders: 1.1 demo, 8 million viewers

Charlie Brown: 1.0 demo, 4 million viewers

Smallville: .9 demo, 2.4 million viewers

9 pm

CSI: NY: 1.5 demo, 9.7 million viewers

Fringe: 1.4 demo, 3.7 million viewers

Dateline: 1.4 demo, 5.6 million viewers

20/20: 1.3 demo, 5.3 million viewers

Supernatural: .9 demo, 2 million viewers

10 pm

20/20: 1.8 demo, 7.5 million viewers

Dateline: 1.4 demo, 5.7 million viewers

Blue Bloods (Repeat): 1.1 demo, 7.3 million viewers

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  1. Kevin

    Please, sort it out guys, I’m tired of never getting past the first few seasons – maximum – of my favourite shows! I understand that revenue comes from advertising and that people who record can fast forward through adverts making DVR viewers less valuable in terms of ratings. So change the system! Spotify works on the premise that you subscribe and then following a certain period ads come on and you cannot skip them. If this system was emplyed for intelligent programming people all over the world would be contributing to the ratings of Fringe and many other shows besides. It upsets me because I want to get on board the battlecry above…. I would love to be able to sit down on Friday watch the show on schedule and spread the word to save the show but I can’t! a) I live in London, b) I work a 24/7 12 hour shift pattern for the ambulance service. I guess that means I do not count as a viewer or a potential consumer for products advertised mid show?! Give me a break!


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