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The filmmakers took a break between shots to adjust the camera and lighting for the next take. As they reviewed the previous shots, their star received a make-up touch-up. The bright lights were causing his white face paint and green hair dye to run.

When they were ready to resume, the actor once again repeated his lines, strutting around in his green vest and purple suit, flicking his tongue out over his lips in an awkward habit.

The filmmakers cut the scene and congratulated each other on the success. They were filming a new Batman movie that took place two months after the conclusion of July’s blockbuster, “The Dark Knight.” It was their first filming session, and the groups of filmmakers were making great progress.

Their star went to drink some water between takes and was greeted by the owner of the house they were filming in. “Nice makeup,” she said.

They were not on a sound stage or the lot of a billion-dollar production. The actor playing The Joker was not a Hollywood prima donna but mild-mannered 21-year-old Craig Deering of Illinois.

The house’s owner was Deering’s best friend and fellow film maker Allen Murphy’s great aunt Mary’s. While watching the filming, she told her nephew that while she always supported the arts and was glad to help, she had not expected college students running around her house dressed as Batman and an evil clown.

“She watched a little bit through a window and like peered in a couple time, and I think she might have freaked out a little bit,” said Deering.

“In my family, she should have known better,” Murphy, 20, joked.

With their initial success tucked away, the guys decided to venture into feature-length territory.

With their initial success tucked away, the guys decided to venture into feature-length territory. (Photo by Dan Drake)

Deering and the rest of the filmmakers are part of Evil Iguana Productions. The group creates and posts their films on YouTube and suddenly blew up when they spoofed “The Dark Knight” trailer in the summer.

The filmmakers are a bunch of college kids who have been making movies together since high school with nothing but Deering’s father’s video camera and some editing software.

It wasn’t until July when the group released “The Dark Knight” spoof that they became stars. In the four months since its release, the video has received over 5 million views. Their new Batman movie is a follow-up to their spoof of “The Dark Knight” trailer that they released in July.

“I am like really happy that it is getting that good of reviews and like people are still watching because, honestly, when we were making it, and we were about to release it, I was so scared to release that video because I thought we were going to get shot down,” said Deering sitting down to chat with Blast recently. “(I thought) everyone was going to yell at us for like trying to spoof Batman and telling us it was crap, and I was expecting to take it down. But, all the positive feedback and stuff is great.”

Deering is the director and editor of all of the Evil Iguana videos, and also came up with the ideas for the “The Dark Knight” spoof, as well as the mockeries they made of “Twilight” and “The Number 23.”

After the success of their Batman spoof, Deering and the rest of Evil Iguana decided to venture into unknown territory — a 30 to 45 minute serious film about the Joker, set in Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe.

Deering said that making the drama was a challenge and a big change from their previous work.

“This is like by far the most professional we’ve been with a movie, which I thought was really cool, because usually we just get our camera and improvise a lot of stuff,” said Deering.

Two buds

“I was a total nerd (in middle school): big glasses, comb over. ‚ I think my graduating class was like 21, it was really small. I tried my best to fit in with the rest of the class, though‚ I was never considered one of the “cool” guys, but it was alright,” said Deering.

Today, Deering has people requesting to be his friend on Facebook whom he has never met but feel they know him through his Youtube series, “The Allen and Craig Show,” and his various film spoofs.

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  1. Spectreworld

    I have been inspired by EIP to actually start progressing and making films of my own… Normally i would have been to scared because my own show Speaking Out!! With Kim and Brian have not had the best views of course our show isnt as comical as EIPs shows, but my cousin and other friends have wanted to assist me in my films, so i am hoping for the best.

    I dont know if Craig or whoever answered my email about this idea i was going to do, but i did tell him/them that i do plan on placing their name into my first film as being inspired by and some other tacky heart felt message behind it, lol… So i dont think they thought i was serious, but i hope they do because i am in the middle of filming and nearing the final stages of it…

    Thanks for the inspiration guys and always keep up the good work. Just because you cant film it for Youtube doesnt mean you cant film it at all… Sorry just a saying my cousin came up when i spoke about what i could and couldnt do for a film.

  2. Cindy Park

    I’m so happy that Craig, Allen, and all of the guys are receiving such positive feedback for all of their hard work. I’m so proud of you guys and I can’t wait to see the new movie, which I’m sure will be amazing.

  3. gulsch92

    great that you’ve guys paid attention to them, it’s just awesome 🙂 eip is one of the best crews out there on youtube, so keep supporting them!

  4. Amy

    I love Evil Iguana Productions! everything they do is brilliant! I hope the never stop making movies!

    and seriously, if they make shirts and DVDs i know i will have to buy them.

    love you guys

  5. Danielle

    I’m so proud of all the guys for doing what you love to do. It takes some people a long time to figure out what they want to do and you guys have not only figured it out but your actually going above and beyond. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for the next movie.

  6. Victoria

    I love EIP, always have! I’ll definately be buying a t-shirt and the dvd.

    These guys are going to the top, no doubt about it.

    Thanks so much for this, Blast!

  7. Shannon

    ha ha , Joe commented. Anywho, i LOVE Allen and Craig, and all the guys working on Evil Iguana Productions. Before i read this (before i knew it was up) i watched every episode of the Allen and Craig show. i LOVE evil iguana productions like woah =D

  8. Morgan Rees

    Everything EIP makes makes me laugh hysterically, especially the Allen and Craig Show. Please, don’t stop making videos EIP, i don’t what i would do without your guys’ great sense of humor, and Allen and Craigs hot bodies(drawn with marker). Haha I love you guys!!!

  9. Megan

    They are AH-MAY-ZING!
    Keep up the incredible, fantastic work guys!
    With Love,


    Joe’s, Kyle’s, and Craig’s were awesome!

  10. Stephanie

    I love them!!!!
    And they’re from Chicago! That’s just awesome
    they are hilarious

  11. Jameson

    Oh man I so hope there is a sequel to “Fuzz”. Awesome interview. Keep up the good work EIP.

  12. Emalee

    I would totally buy there t-shirts and DVD this is the best stuff on youtube!!!

  13. Jen F

    bet you guys never even dreamed you’d be where you are now.

    congratulations, and fantastic interview guys.

  14. Amanda W

    I Love EIP! I can’t wait to see them next year at Twicon, The Allen and Craig show is hilarious and the Twilight spoof too XD

  15. Amber Brown

    Hell yeah Evil Iguanas gets noticed. It’s about time. Te best thing in the world right there. I spread all the love at my school by telling everyone to check them out. I bet they’ll get plenty enough money to buy more high end equipment once they sell merch. Once again, funniest people in the world right here. I love Evil Iguana Production.

  16. Nikki

    I could not be more pumped for EIP. These guys are funny, amazing and deserve to make it. I’d support these guys and buy anything they put out.

    Congratulations! You guys are gonna go far.

  17. Bethany

    This group is fantastic. All of the positive feedback they are getting is so well deserved. Can’t wait for the new film guys.

  18. Samantha

    These guys are so talented. My friends get so pissed when i start to quote them… well i kinda do it 25/8 but it is just because they are THAT funny. Honestly i hope they make it huge so i can say “I used to watch those dudes way back when”

    Talented, Adorable, and Hardworking what more could you ask for!

    Rock On EIP ROCK ON!!!!


  19. Ms. Chapman

    I am sooo proud of you Allen! I wish you and your company best wishes for future success! To think I knew you when you a smal kid! Can’t wait to see you on the big screen some day and be able to say. I knew him when!! 🙂

  20. Natalie

    I love the EIP guys! They are so funny, and talented. Me and my cousin got bored one day, so we made “Team Allen” and “Team Craig” shirts with “” on the back. I know, Allen and Craig aren’t really like that, but we couldn’t resist. It was great! They are probably my favorite people on Youtube. I think they are waaay better than Fred.

  21. Ann-Marie

    EIP rock!! i love the show and all the spoofs they are so funny!

    i would SO buy one of the T-shirts!

    cant wait for the new film!

    keep up the great work guys!

    Ann-Marie x

  22. Charlie

    I absolutely love you guys. Craig your amazing! And Allen of cours!
    I cant wait to see the new batman film! Love You!!!

  23. Emily

    i can’t wait to see the film guys.
    i love you Craig.
    if i’m having a bad day, all i have to do is watch and EIP film, and i’m all happy again. lol.

    allen and craig show rocks. i love you.

  24. The girl who will remain unnamed,,,,,or u can call me Georgia, that works to

    kay well hmm, let me jst say bravo allen and craig bravo
    love the allen and craig show and cant wait for the next ep 😛

  25. Lily

    Yay! I’m so glad that people recognize the brilliance that is Evil Iguana Productions. Craig and Allen have always been my favorites. I started watching them about 2 weeks before the Dark Knight spoof came out and I loved them, and I hoped that they would get big. And look, they did! Maybe I would be better suited to the stock market. :]
    Seriously, though, these guys are great.
    If you’re gonna put out some t-shirts and DVD’s then I’m definitely going to buy them.

  26. Maggie

    Just wanted to say that I’m so proud of EIP for all their hard work and great comedic skills! I knew you guys would be famous someday. I’ve only seen their videos since this summer, but already their videos are becoming huge favorites of mine.

    I especially love the Allen and Craig Show. 🙂

  27. Cami

    “Craig, you’re such an asshole”

    I would totally buy a tshirt saying that. i mean it.

  28. Helen

    Someday, when these guys are really rich and famous, married to people like Ellen Page, and shining up their many awards in their big ol’ mansions, I can say “Hey, I remember back when they did the Allen and Craig show!” And love them just the same.
    EIP will be bigger than they even are now someday. And they will rule the world.

  29. Jason

    Dude, I love watching the Evil Iguana films, I’m probably the only male out there who does. And, damm Craig, is that your GirlFriend? She’s hot as Hell!

  30. hanna

    I totally love you guys! I joined your Facebook group and i joined your website and subscribed to you on youtube! keep making those awesome videos!
    p.s. allen i dont think your an asshole.

  31. Erin

    so im definatly one of the girls
    who asked for your picture at the fest.
    and idk if you guys read this,
    but im also jon drummers girlfriend,
    and im pretty sure hes mentioned how obsessed i am.


  32. Brianna

    I’m sooo proud of EIP, and I’m so happy for them. They’re all so talented and just amazingly funny. It’s so great to see them getting more and more noticed. I’ve told majority of my friend about them, and they all love EIP. It’s great.

    I love all of your films, guys. And the Allen and Craig show is HILARIOUS! keep it up!!! 🙂

  33. autumnbell

    I so much enjoyed reading this article. It’s great the guys from EIP get like some of the attention they deserve (they would deserve Hollywood, but, like, whatever … ^^).
    Sadly enough that here in Germany so little people know (and want to know) them. I tried to convert my friends and lika all guys I know but unfortunately they are either too lazy or to stupid to watch English things AND understand them. xD That’s like sad, but well … sigh.

    Ehm. Yeah. Like … yeah. +cough+
    I’m confused. xD

    So … EIP people, if you read this: it’s hard for such an obsessed fan as I am to live that far away from you guys, cause I’m desperately hoping to meet you eventually … some day … maybe. I’m sometimes wondering if you would even wnat to talk to me cuz I’m like fangirling a bit, could guess that one would bother you. 😀
    I guess some girls will suicide know they read Allen is off the market. (I won’t. I will do when I hear Craig is. xD)

    It’s great how you can get famous through YouTube. I’m planning that one as well. xD (Don’t laugh at me, people out there, I’m a musician, I got something like talent. ^^) Just the problem that I don’t own a cam to record myself and my father won’t lend me his. .___. Whatever. I’m babbling. xD

    Since I am already spamming, I could add that two of my friends and I are working on an video answer to the first Episode of the Show (so just watch out ^^).

    Okay, to come back to topic: The article is awesome, makes me feel connected to my personal gods EIP. xD

    And you guys are awesome, too. +nod nod+ Absolutely awesome. Awesome, unbelievable, great, talented, extremely funny, drop-dead gorgeous 😉 and absolutely addictive.
    (But I still hate you, Craig, for not answering the question about Capt’n Crunch and Tony the Tiger I asked on your freewebs page … xD)

    Praise the bored.

  34. Katie

    h my god, what the hell?

    ps. craig i love you. eip, i love you all

    <3, your wife

  35. jess

    i can’t wait to see their movie. and i am so excited for allen’s interview, allen is my fave 😀
    i love craig too, but yea allen is just so amazing, and he likes the strokes so yea, [ i am obsessed with the strokes ] yep yep. i love him. lol i also love julian casablancas (singer/songwriter for the strokes) WOOT!

  36. Charlotte

    wow this is great… i cant think of anything else to day but congrats Craig, and EIP your really starting to get noticed.

  37. Angelica

    Awww…man I love these guys. They are so awesome! I would definitely buy t-shirts and ‘The Allen and Craig show’ on DVD. That’s non stop laughter on one DVD! Can’t ask for anything better. 😀

  38. Joe Mama

    Pretty impressive, now I know why Joe doesn’t call his mom! Hope to see more of of all you guys, GREAT JOB! Keep up the good work, and oh btw Craig, tell Joe to call his mom and come for Thansgiving Day, ok? ps you are invited too!

  39. Crisscrossyourapplesauce

    EIP is freaking AWESOME!!!!

    LoL, I remember when everyone was freaking out that Allen cut Craig’s hair off in one of the episodes. They were going on and on about how much of a jerk Allen was. I mean, did they seriously think that Allen would have done that if Craig hadn’t want to of cut his hair? (Plus I asked Allen and he said Craig had wanted to cut his hair for a while.) Anyway-Allen seems really nice. He’s nice enough to actually reply when people leave messages and to quote him “[he’s] not an asshole, [he] just plays one online.” I will definitely buy shirts and DVD’s!!! I love all of their videos and can’t wait for Silent Night!!!! I love these guys !!! 🙂 <3


  40. CrissCrossYourAppleSauce

    I got all my friends into EIP;) Hearing the phrases “Get Out My Face”, “WHO SHUT THAT?!”, and “NO, HE WANTS MY CANDY BAR!” is a common occurrence around us:)

    EIP is the best thing on YouTube!!!!

  41. Rachel

    Evil Iguana Productions is the best YouTube channel.
    I discovered them through the DKTS. It was so awesome.
    I looked through more of their videos.
    Watched all of the Allen and Craig’s in one night. (There were only seven or eight at the time)
    And now look where EIP are now!

    Good job guys!

  42. Kate

    Okay, firstly I LOVE your videos! 😀 They are great, and make me laugh even if I have seen them a million times 😛

    Now, I am not just some crazy fangirl here to praise you all and be like “EEE OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!” XD

    no no no…

    I truely respect all you guys have done, and I hope that one day I can figure out how to make movies like you guys 😛 (okay that WAS a sorta fangirly remark, but that’s beside the point! :D)

  43. Krystal

    Wow you guys! This is Amazing! I love your videos, and knew that you guys would get more feedback, and very famous. You guys just keep up the good work, don’t let negative feedback bother you, for you guys are wonderful, keep chins high, and just go out there and do your thing! I am so happy for you guys to get noticed like this. That is just too awesome!


  44. Mel

    Aww omg this totally made my day.

    I’m so happy to see them get all this attention! 😀

  45. Stephanie A

    You guys are amazing! I love your shows and spoofs. The best part is that you guys are just having fun and expressing yourselves; it’s very inspiring.

    I am so glad that I was up at 2 AM one day just looking at spoofs, or I would’ve missed out on great media. Craig Deering: along with Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Columbus, and George Lucas, you are my favorite director. Keep it up, boys (and Robin). You guys are it. 🙂

  46. mada

    All the EIP films are damn good. I love you guys. Keep it up!

    *Greetings from Romania!

  47. Zoe

    Congratulations! As a starting filmmaker myself, I’m glad to see your ideas and movies are flying! I can’t wait to see more!!! 🙂

  48. Miho

    omg i love eip! my entire class in malaysia have watched the twilight spoof and we laughed so hard! and i love the allen and craig show you guys are such great actors.

  49. Aubrey

    I love you guys SO much!!!!
    How can I get my hands on one of those T-shirts or DVDs!?!

  50. Chelsea K

    I would definitely buy a t-shirt! You guys are the greatest. I pretty much go to youtube just to see what you guys are up to. And twilight was hilarious! Even though I am a huge fan of the books, when I was watching the movie, there were certain scenes where all I could think about was what you put in the trailer! haha. Keep it up guys!

    PS. I know this will most likely never happen, but I’d love to meet all of you. You seem like a lot of fun.

  51. Grace

    I totally agree with Joe, Craig DOES say like a lot but still you guys are AWESOME!! the whole team. My friends and I can’t wait for the next Allen and Craig, as well as Silent Night and the Christmas special!! also, Fuzz was hilarious and can’t wait to see a new one!! You guys are my FAVORITE youtubers ever you’ve inspired my friends and i to make spoofs! T-shirts? DVDs? I know what I want for christmas!!! Thank you guys so much and thanks Blast Magazine!!!

  52. Grace

    And another thing: I now have all my friends singing: “Everywhere you go, everyone you see, hey there’s an Olsen Twin…waving back at me! Where are my shoes? OH they’re on my feet! Now we are all good, cuz they’re on my feet!” ~~EIP (Allen Ep. 9) and
    “When life hands you lemonade, throw it back and say I’M ALLERGIC!!!”
    “Get…OUT MAH FACE!!”
    and lastly,
    “Craiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggg…….” “Who is this?” “it’s Robert, Craig!!” “Robert! I thought the ghost was Taba—” “shut up! Tabatha SUCKS! ROBERT RULES”

  53. claire

    i feel like i know these people but i have never, and never will, meet them. i think these guys are awesome. someone wrote something about dvds……. where can i find those?

  54. Janine

    I absolutely LOVE Evil Iguana Productions. If they ever put the Allen and Craig Show out of DVD, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I found out about them because of the Twilight spoof, but I love them because of the Allen and Craig show. I showed all of my friends their videos and they love them just as much as I do. I cannot wait for Silent Night! You rule, EIP!


    PS: I would definitely buy the shirts too.

  55. CaliGirl21

    Hey I absolutely LUV EIP!!! They r SO awesome and they do so many random things that make it SO funny! Me and my friends always talk about the episodes on the Craig and Allen Show and also the spoofs. We luv watching them and telling our fav parts. They r a really great crew and probably the best on youtube. u guys just beat everyone!! I luv u guys and i can’t wait till next video! KEEP IT UP!!!
    luv ya,

  56. CaliGirl21

    What Shirts and DVDS!? OMG!! Of course, i would totally buy them! AHH!! That would b so cool if they did! It’s like having non-stop laughter 24/7! That’s awesome!

  57. Shelby

    EIP is the best thing i have found on the internet ever! it has me in tears its so funny! you guys are awesome keep doing what your doing! and it would be so cool if you actually put the allen and craig show on dvd!
    Thanks for being awesome! keep it coming!

  58. stargatelvr

    these guys are amazing!!!! They’ve inspired me to do more videos, and have gotton my sisters into filmaking finally! We love walking around quoting them and calling each other, “Really Really Gay” (Kill death 2) They’ve even started a few fights over who’s better, Allen or Craig. That issue still remains unresolved.

  59. CourtneyJoAnn

    Evil Iguana Productions is amazing and I got all of my friends into it too! “Such an a**hole” is commonly said in my group of friends. I hope you guys really do make it big, and continue making movies. You have such a talent for it. I await the newest episode of The Allen and Craig show!

  60. Anna

    I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH. Your the best thing i have seen on youtube through my whole life. <3

  61. EIPdude

    hey eip shows and spoofs are great i remember the first show they did allen and craig show is my favorite

    p.s. my sister met allen at his cocert for ink lasts longer he plays guitar

  62. catalina


  63. love allen and craig!!!!



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