Update: EA has  indicated the previously announced announcement will not be taking place.

The news surrounding the recent and very public falling out between Activision and Infinity Ward has died down slightly, but will get an infusion during E3 next week. You may remember that IW studio heads Jason Ward and Vince Zampella were ushered out of their offices in March by Activision heavies amid accusations of breach of contract and insubordination. The story culminated in numerous lawsuits. Initially, Ward and Zampella sued Activision for breach of contract, at which point Activision counter-sued. This was followed by a mass exodus of IW talent to the pair’s new studio, Respawn Entertainment, and a second lawsuit against Activision filed by 38 current and former IW employees based on essentially the same complaints levied by the ex-studio heads.

According to the pair’s Facebook page, we can expect something serious at E3. Since the studio is brand new, there is likely no game to be shown, but expect something big none the less. Color me excited.

Source: G4

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