A Boston-based throat surgeon has confirmed that he is treating singer Adele for a singing related injury, according to the Boston Globe.

Dr. Steven Zeitels announced on Sunday that he is seeing the soul singer regarding a common injury amongst singers.

“There have been crazy and unfortunate rumors — that she’s being treated for cancer, for example. I can tell you that is absolutely not true,” said Zeitels. “To be blunt, her throat is bleeding. It’s a common condition among singers. But it is not career-ending. It is not the most serious. And in her case it can be fixed with surgery. And I will be performing that surgery on Adele at some point in the future.  I believe she will be just fine.”

The doctor went to the press as per the request of Adele’s representatives to ensure that the public knew the truth and to refute cancer rumors.

Zeitels is the director of the Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Eugene B. Casey Professor of Laryngeal Surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Adele recently canceled her tour, citing throat injuries as the reason.

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