I’ve always thought about trying a tinted moisturizer, but I never really looked into which one to buy. Making a decision can be pretty confusing since there are so many brands out there.

I received Hard Candy’s Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer and decided to write a review on it.

The packaging is wicked cute. I love what Hard Candy has done to their line in regards to all of its packaging. It is quite funky, but girly at the same time. I love that the bottle is see through that way it is easy to tell when the product is running low instead of having to guess. The flip top cap also makes it easy to squeeze out the product and recap it without the hassle of screwing the cap back on while you have product on your hand. Lastly, I love that the font is bold and easy to read so that I know exactly what the product does and how to use it.

The product itself is awesome. The tint of the moisturizer is very sheer. I received it in tan and I am very light skinned, but this shade was just a bit too dark for me. So pay attention to this when you’re trying to pick out a color to match your skin. The moisturizer feels great, but I wouldn’t suggest using it alone if you have really dry skin.

My current foundation routine is as follows:

  • apply a small amount of moisturizer
  • apply Hard Candy’s Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer
  • apply foundation
  • apply powder to set foundation

This may seem like a lot to you and it very well may be, however my skin tends to dry out in the summer so I can take advantage of the extra hydration. Also, Hard Candy’s moisturizer doubles as a primer so it helps your foundation last all day long.

Overall, I’m in love with this moisturizer. I plan on purchasing one that is closer to my skin tone so that I can wear it alone on days when I don’t feel like putting on a lot of makeup. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has wanted to try a tinted moisturizer, but is unsure about which brand to buy.

If you’ve already tried this product or are planning on trying it I would love to hear your thoughts. You can view all of Hard Candy’s products on their website and you can purchase their products from Walmart.

*FTC Disclaimer* This product was given to me, free, for review. I am not affiliated with this company nor am I receiving any compensation for my review. Everything posted here is my honest opinion.

**Photo courtesy of DNA Public Relations**

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Tara Rufo is a longtime Blast Magazine contributor and one of the editors of Bombshell.

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  1. Jenn

    Oh wow I didn’t know that hard candy sold it’s products at walmart. Is it just the website or store as well?

    • Cherry Bomb

      Hard Candy doesn’t sell their products through their website; hopefully they will some day though! I love that they’re sold at Walmart…great products at an affordable price what more could a girl ask for?!


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