The best part of the “Unofficial Doom Pistol FAQ” is that it lists the number of shots it takes to kill all Doom enemies using just the trusty pistol.

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version 1.1, 2/4/96


1. Why a Pistol Faq ?
2. What Is It Good For ?
3. How Many Bullets Does It Hold ?
4. How Long Does It Take To Kill Something ?
5. The Pistol In DethMatch
6. Where Can I Find This Faq ?
7. Disclaimer
8. Trademark Information
9. Copyright Notice
10. How To Contact Me
11. Revision History


After reading Tony Fabris’ BFG Faq and Dan Tyrrell’s Rocket Launcher Faq, I decided to write a faq about the pistol in hopes that it would either answer some question about it or give you a good laugh while you read.

Now all we need are faqs for the chainsaw, shotgun/super shotgun, chaingun, and the plasma rifle. Any takers?


To most people, the pistol isn’t good for anything. But a Doomer who can get 100% kills on any given level on Ultra Violence or Nightmare should be considered a “Doom God” or if not that, at least feared.

To those Doomers who are comfortable using the more powerful weapons, the pistol isn’t useful for anything except killing Zombie Men, Shotgun Guys, Imps, and maybe Demons. But if you practice, one day you too will kill the Cyberdemon or Spider Mastermind using only the pistol ! Of course, I was
cheating when I did it………


Normally, the pistol holds 200 bullets. When you find a backpack, the amount of ammo is increased to 400 bullets.

(Note : the pistol and chaingun share the same ammo.)


Ok, the following shows just how many direct hits you need to kill a certain monster, give or take depending on where you hit them ;

Monster Bullets
——————– ——-
Player (100% health) 10
Zombie Men 2
Shotgun Guy 3
Heavy Weapon Dude 7
Imp 6
Demon 14
Spectre 14
Lost Soul 10
Cacodemon 36
Pain Elemental 40
Mancubus 60
Revenant 30
Hell Knight 50
Baron Of Hell 100
Arachnotron 50
Archvile 70
Cyberdemon 400
Spider Mastermind 300

Note : if you miss, then it takes more ammo.


There are several methods of using the pistol in DethMatch, here’s a few of my favorites”

1. You find an invulerability sphere. Whip out the pistol and torture your oppenent to death ! This is always quite fun…..
2. You have the BFG, but instead you use the pistol against your opponent. Just when they think your dead, you pull out the BFG and surprise them ! Very
3. You hit your opponent with a rocket or a stream of plasma that almost frags them and then you finish them off with a single pistol shot.




This FAQ is to aid in informing the Doom playing public at large about the pistol that appears in DOOM, DOOM II, and THE ULTIMATE DOOM by the masters who call themselves “id Software”. This is in no way intended to promote the killing of yourself, others, or anything that breathes or moves, unless it’s bigger than you are with a pistol. Additionally, I claim NO responsibility regarding ANY illegal activity concerning the use of this FAQ (or pistols, for that matter), or that is indirectly related to this FAQ. The information contained in this FAQ only refers to id Software indirectly, and questioning id Software regarding any information in this FAQ is not recommended AT ALL. However, questioning me about this information is, for a price, of course.


All specific names included herein are trademarks and are so acknowledged: id Software, DOOM, DOOM II, THE ULTIMATE DOOM. Any trademarks I failed to mentioned here are still hypothetically acknowledged.


This article is Copyright 1996 by Rambutt. All of my rights are reserved.
You are hereby granted the following rights:

I. To make copies of this work in original form, so long as they are complete, include the copyright notice, are in electronic form, and give me credit.

II. To distribute this work, or copies made under the provisions above, so long as it’s the ORIGINAL, you don’t charge anyone for it, it’s not in a electronic magazine or within software (unless you ask me nicely !), it’s the latest version (as far as you know), and there aren’t any coffee stains or any other stains on the copies.

These rights are temporary and revocable upon written, oral, other notice by Rambutt, or upon your death (unless your death was faked). This copyright notice shall be governed by the laws of the state of Oklahoma. If you would like additional rights beyond those granted above, get’em yourself.

(10) HOW TO CONTACT ME (defunct)

If for some strange reason you feel the urge to actually talk to me, here’s
how and where to reach me:

On The Wall : Rambutt
On Code Red : Rambutt
On Jackalope Junction : find me by my real name (whatever that is)
On the Internet : [email protected]
By phone : call the operator
By snail-mail : do you really want to do this ?


ver1.0 Born on 2/4/1996.
-first release (duh…)
-section 9 and 10 are taken directly from “Rambutt’s Doom FAQ II” ver
0.17, by me
-section 7 and 8 are modified versions of their counterparts in
“Rambutt’s Doom FAQ II”, ver0.17, still by me

ver1.1 Same day as first version.
-added section 6

This article copyright 1996 by Rambutt, in association with Overbored Publishers, a division of Lawsuit, Ink. All rights reserved as stated above.

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