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Entrenched in Occupy Boston at the end of week two

Entrenched in Occupy Boston at the end of week two 5

Editor’s note: Blast writer John Stephen Dwyer has been staying with Occupy Boston protesters since the beginning of the protest. He has been filing longer stories every few days with breaking news when it happens. Two weeks ago, 300 people illegally seized a portion of the Rose Kennedy Greenway and set up tents. The mayor(…)

The dangers of home oxygen and smoking 2

QUINCY — Home oxygen equipment is a lifesaver. A medical device, it allows patients with breathing problems to stay in their homes and lead a normal life. But like any medical device, it can be deadly. In Massachusetts several fatal fires have moved investigators to look more deeply into the dangers of home oxygen, especially(…)

The last days of Dango

The last days of Dango 3

Interviews during 48 hours with skateboarder Michael Mancini, premiering his new video

Cathy meets fiction with technology 1

The “Cathy” series is part of a new genre dubbed “interactive fiction” and comes complete with working telephone numbers, websites and e-mail addresses.

Doin it and doin it and doin it in public

Doin it and doin it and doin it in public 4

The names of subjects have been changed to protect their privacy and safety. It was mid-day. Northeastern University student Sarah Alverston was sitting in the library staring blankly into a textbook that she couldn’t seem to focus on. She just had a fight with her boyfriend, and she knew she wouldn’t get anything done until(…)

Changing opinions about Anime — one 7-foot red robot at a time 1

Robert Scholz took a deep breath as he carefully walked backwards up the stairs. In the distance he could hear shouts from the eager audience and the sound of the MC trying to hold their attention. Scholz tried to move a little faster, but his pace remained constant while friends assisted him from all sides.

Cosmetologist to the afterlife 3

“I’m a big fan of blush. This right here is my secret,” the young man says, pulling out a small, circular tin from a cosmetics tray. “A little bit of this, just dab it on, it really adds a lot,” he says, running a large powder brush across the top of his hand. In a(…)

The story of Salvia 4

This is a Blast Magazine enterprise piece. Anthony* sits on his bed across from two friends in his Boston apartment. There’s a fan blowing next to his bed. Dave Matthews Band is playing in the background as he takes out his bong and begins to pack it with Salvia extract, a legal drug that grows(…)

The new stoner…you

The new stoner…you 3

Editor’s note: The names of some interview subjects have been changed for their comfort and protection. This is a Blast Magazine Enterprise piece. Sitting up against a mound of pillows legs stretched over a deep blue comforter Mike and his girlfriend are like any other couple studying on a Sunday afternoon. She is frustrated that(…)

Affair of the mouse 0

This is a Blast Magazine enterprise piece. From an actual Internet Conversation: BOSTONCHIC: What’s up for tonight? Any plans? Any idea how Friday looks for lunch? MUSTANGXX: Friday ain’t gonna work. I promised my wife I’d go into town with her tomorrow night to go to dinner with some of her friends. BOSTONCHIC: I understand(…)