Like any self-proclaimed shopaholic, and maybe even more than most, I get enough catalogs on an almost daily basis to thoroughly annoy my mailman and fiance, who, as keeper of the mail key, has to fight with the mailbox to unstuff it every single afternoon. Here are some notable spreads I saw in my most recent shipment.


Did anyone else notice how many spreads of the White House Black Market catalog had this model with crimped hair? I know that some of the trends from the 80s have started to trend again — velvet, lace, leggings and even some neon colors — but this is the first time I’ve noticed crimped hair in any fashion or beauty marketing.


The spread above is from the latest Brooks Brothers catalog. Call me traditional, but I’ve always been a big follower of the black-brown exclusivity rule. Brown shoes should not be worn with black tights, and vice versa. While I have become begrudgingly accostomed to seeing fashionistas on the streets and in magazine spreads with black tights and brown riding boots, I’ve always relied on my fellow conservatives at Brooks Brothers to enforce the rules. Needless to say, the above picture is a sign of the changing times… and since Brooks Brothers thinks it’s okay, maybe it’s time for me to start wearing my brown Longchamp with black pants…


Please forgive my amateur photography skills in the J.Crew spread above. The folks at J.Crew may be obsessed with Italian cashmere, but I’m loving everything about this outfit… the rich color and textures (wool skirt, cashmere sweater, suede (?) flats… swoon)… and the anklets. I have made up my mind on this fall-winter trend, and I am heading out to buy some warm ankle socks tomorrow.

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Krystal Beaulieu is an independent Blast blogger, self-proclaimed shopaholic, frenetic magazine reader, conservative Bostonian and political junkie... who ever said a fashionista needed to be single-faceted?

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