Spoilers ahead for Season 1!

Based on the exciting events of Season 1, fans of The Boys can feel confident knowing that Season 2 will show even more mayhem and crazy antics from our favorite morally questionable superheroes and the team set to take them down.

Blast Magazine recently spoke with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke on what issues the show will tackle in its upcoming season and who is responsible for the show’s incredible soundtrack.

Blast Magazine: One of the things that stuck out to me when I first started watching The Boys is how fantastic the music is and how much it adds to the excitement and intensity of each scene. How involved are you in the process of selecting the music for the show? What does that process look like in general?

 Eric Kripke: I am super involved in that process. One of the things I really care about in all of my shows is the music. That’s clear when you look at Supernatural and certainly this. There are just a lot of long conversations with the editors where we talk about the vibe that we want. They will then pitch me some songs and I think they’ve learned at this point to rarely pitch me a song that was recorded after 1980. They know my sweet spot. In terms of the score, Chris Leonard is the composer and he did Supernatural and a bunch of my other stuff. We were college friends together and he used to score my short films. We have an incredible shorthand and it’s just a blast to work with him.

Blast Magazine: Season 1 touched on a lot of topical issues including religious hypocrisy, sexual assault, and racial profiling. Can we expect to see more of that in Season 2? Are there any new topics that will be broached in Season 2 that were not present in the first season?

 Eric Kripke: We are living in the world’s dumbest dystopia and the only good thing about that is that it gives the writers an incredible amount of material to work with. I wish it didn’t. I wish I had no material, but I have too much material. I have a firehose of material. There is plenty to talk about where authoritarianism and celebrity combine. This year, we’re actually not even touching on many of the issues from last year, because there are so many. This year, we are taking target at white nationalism, white supremacy, systemic racism, and xenophobia, as well as how the people that trying to convey these hateful ideologies are using new forms of social media to communicate very old and hateful ideas in very new ways. We get to convey that. I will admit that I am pretty angry about the way things are and the one advantage that I don’t take for granted is that I have a show that I can put some of my feelings into. I would say that there might even be a little more of that this season because frankly, I think the writers are a little angrier this season.

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