Monsters, zombies, and aliens abound on the newest sci-fi network, Comet TV!

Although Halloween is still months away, fans of the weird and mysterious are welcome to sink their teeth into quality content both on television and online. Comet plays the best in fun cult classic films and television shows, such as Teen Wolf Too and Killer Klowns from Outer Space. With an array of films not available on traditional streaming platforms, Comet promises to provide as many spine tingling beasts as viewers can handle. Enthusiasts can take great pride in knowing that their favorite cinematic masterpieces are completely free and available subscription-free.

This month, readers of Blast Magazine and lovers of the strange can win a spooky prize pack offered by Comet TV. This assortment of items includes two limited edition pint glasses, a pack of “Fire Ants Hard Candy” which promises to provide fresh breath to fight back the beasts with, and two “Oozing Candy Eye Balls” with gushing centers to refuel you for the next monster battle. The winner will also receive a pack of “Gummy Tarantulas” that appear daunting but taste delicious and will surrender immediately once you take a bite out of them. Finally, no good science-fiction offering would be complete without a “Heart Splatter Toy”, perfect for showing strength and power.

To enter the contest, simply comment your name and email below and we will contact a winner on March 3. In the meantime, be sure to check out to watch classic science fiction programming and find what station the network is on in your area.

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Madeline Knutson is an Entertainment Journalist and Pop Culture Expert for Blast Magazine.

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