After a parking mix up at the House of Blues, Evan Taubenfeld and crew have been banished to the front of The Paradise Lounge a little bit before soundcheck. Taubenfeld is to open for Secondhand Serenade that night, but when Blast finally arrives at the new locale for the big red bus, he is just finishing dinner. He is hanging out on the bus in a Baltimore Ravens jersey that seems to engulf his small frame. Still, blonde hair and bright-eyed Taubenfeld exudes a confidence that says no matter how big the pond, this fish plans on making a splash.

Taubenfeld first made a name for himself as the musical composer and lead guitarist for Avril Lavigne. He penned most of her biggest hits including, “Happy Ending” and her multi-platinum “The Best Damn Thing”, but now he is striking out on his own and beginning the tumultuous journey of making a name for himself solo.

“Right now, I am the kid from Avril’s band. By the way, I’m really cool with that. She’s one of my best friends in the world. We have a lot of fun together, and we still work together” clarified Taubenfeld. “I am starting now, by doing tours like this and putting out songs like “ËœCheater of the Year’ and “ËœBoy Meets Girl’ and making videos and constantly traveling, trying to build a new name for myself. So some of the new people that get to know me go “ËœThat’s Evan!’ not “ËœThat’s Evan from Avril’s band!'”

At only 26, Taubenfeld has done pretty well for himself. Part of the credit could be given to him always knowing what he wants, and going about it in his own way. Taubenfeld was offered entrance to the Berklee School of Music for both vocals and drums, and turned both semesters down.

“I didn’t think what I wanted to do could be taught. I wanted to become a recording artist, a famous singer/songwriter, a popstar. I didn’t see how going to school could help me do that” said Taubenfeld.

The fact that Taubenfeld was explaining his decision to us from his very own tour bus proves he’s doing all right, but he doesn’t knock music education for everyone.

“My brother, who is my lead guitarist and the music director for Demi Lovato, he went there for four years and he graduated. He’s incredible. I think it’s the perfect place for some people and the least perfect place for others. For Drew, my brother, it was perfect. He came out and he’s just a badass. For me, it probably would have been a really bad place. It’s just too structured and the way that I am as a songwriter, I don’t think the classroom would have helped me” said Taubenfeld.

Instead, Taubenfeld uses his songs to help him. Songs like “Cheater of the Year”, the first single from his album “The Blackllist Club”, paint the picture of a younger more naƒ¯ve Evan getting his heart stomped on by a first love. Taubenfeld explained that songs help him express the more romantic side of himself that he’s too afraid to show normally.

“I am a painfully hopeful romantic person but I hide it extremely well under a very heavily guarded heart because I’ve been hurt. I think I’m fifty-percent cynic who protects himself because to live in the world we live in, especially in LA and in the entertainment business, you have to be tough. The other fifty-percent is hoping to find the girl of my dreams and live happily ever after. I think that conflict is what my record is about if you listen to it” Taubenfeld said.

Taubenfeld presents his broken heart on a record filled with catchy pop guitar driven hooks. He seems like a wet-dream for anyone going for the “after the Jonas Brothers” next big thing, so it’s a little surprising to hear Taubenfeld is managed by Crush “" the same people responsible for Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Cobra Starship and others of the same vein. Despite not falling exactly into that demographic, Taubenfeld enjoys being part of the Crush family, and doesn’t let the differences keep him down.

“I think the Crush bands are incredible. I think they are very self sufficient. I am probably the least popular in terms of having my own following, and as far as having my own system that I run. They each have their own world” said Taubenfeld, “but at the same time, I also think I am the most pop leaning so I also have the most potential to sell 50 million records on their roster.”

The truth is that Taubenfeld already is the biggest popstar on the label and has sold more records than you could conceive, just written for someone else. Now he’s out to prove he can do it with his face on the cover. His hyper and interactive demeanor shows no doubts about his potential to make it huge. He’s just being patient. Taubenfeld is here to show the world what he’s about, and he won’t stop until they take a listen.

“It is just expressing where I am in my life. I am excited to be on my own I am also a little bit nervous. I like to have a lot of fun” explained Taubenfeld, “I think what I’m trying to say is – Hey what’s up? I’m Evan, I want to have a good time.”

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Megan Vick is a Blast editor-at-large

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  1. Fernanda N

    evan rocks!!!
    he’s the best artist ever, and he’s going to be huge…
    it’s so nice to read this things about him and make sure that he is even better than i used to think. he’s always surprising me in every way! he’s an inspiration for me! LOVE HIM TILL DEATH!!


  2. Jess

    Ev, ok I love you but stop moaning about being known as “Evan from Avril’s band” in every interview and then saying “but I’m cool with that”. It’s a contradiction and obviously you’re not ok with it. If it wasn’t for Avril you wouldn’t be where you’re at today so stop complaining and just be grateful for once. Like what if she happened to read that? I think she’d be hurt. Sorry if this sounds harsh but seriously.

  3. Sarah

    It’s great how this article hypes up Evan, who is an amazing person, this writer needs to get the right facts. Evan is 26, not 24. Also, though Evan had co-wrote a good portion of Avril’s songs (“Take Me Away”, “Don’t Tell Me”, and “Freak Out” from her Under My Skin album; and “Hot”, “Innocence”, “One of Those Girls”, and “Contagious” from The Best Damn Thing), he did not write “My Happy Ending” nor “The Best Damn Thing”.

  4. Leigh

    Looks like somebody didn’t do their research before writing this article. Evan’s 26, not 24. And he did NOT write The Best Damn Thing or My Happy Ending. Oh yeah, and he didn’t write FOR Avril, he wrote WITH Avril. Avril’s perfectly capable of writing her own songs.


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