The first public taste of the new “Hitman” reboot is set for launch Feb 12.

The single level mission will take place in a Top Secret ICA training facility, where Agent 47 will attempt a few training scenarios as he prepares to join the elite ranks of the world’s most dangerous assassins. From the dialogue in the trailer, it seems Diana was training 47 in secret from the other agents, perhaps explaining why he has always been the exemplary killer.

The new “Hitman” game will release in episodic format, with the first chapter slated for March 11th. From then on, Square Enix will release new chapters every few months, with the game eventually concluding at the end of the year. Each chapter will be available as a standalone product, or bundled together for the price of a regular game. A disk release is also rumored for next year.

This makes “Hitman” the most interesting game of the year, as its episodic nature is a first for a triple-A game. It will be interesting to see just how successful the model turns out to be and if the industry is ready for it.

In the meantime, you can get a taste of the new “Hitman” on Feb 12 on PS4 and Feb 19 on PC.

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