Last time Shwayze duo Aaron Smith and Cisco Adler let us play Malibu summer from our speakers all year round. This time with “Let It Beat” Shwayze is moving indoors to the club, getting everyone on the dance floor to show just what they can do.

Artist: Shwayze
Album: Let It Beat
Record Label: Suretone/Universal
Release Date: November 3, 2009
[Rating: 3.5/4]

“This isn’t a one trick pony,” Adler said about the new album on Shwayze’s website and Blast agrees. “Let It Beat” compiles Shwayze’s ability to blend hip hop verses over a multitude of instruments you never expected. “Heart and Soul”, the CD’s slowed down jam about life in the Hollywood fast-lane, sports a piano driven melody that has the notion of Phil Collins (which isn’t a bad thing). “Down at the Motel” introduces itself with an organ solo before breaking into epic hip-swinging party anthem status. Insane guitar solos and full band set-ups decorate the entire album. Smith’s, who goes by Shwayze by day, rhymes flow sweetly between Adler’s crooned sing-a-long choruses.

“We set out to do better than we did last time. We just wanted to expand on that. It’s really beefed up on the production side. We started to construct really good songs on this record,” said Shwayze to Blast from his hometown of Malibu, California, “We just really tried to expand our horizons on this one.”

While you can definitely see rocking out to “Let it Beat” on a drive to the beach, Shwayze proves he can shake up the club as well. The album’s first single, “Get U Home”, is driven by an electro-popcentric beat.

“Dirty Little Girl” featuring The Knux follows in the same vein. “Wait All Night” featuring Tabi Bonney slows it down over a dulled drum loop, but the “I don’t want to wait all night/I don’t want to wait all night. I don’t want to wait all night just to watch you leave” hook is designed specifically to get stuck in your head. It’d be interesting to see what the remixes would sound like considering “Let it Beat” songs are already so layered up.

Guest appearances are not scarce on “Let it Beat”. The record leads off with “Livin’ It Up” featuring Snoop Dogg. The song exemplifies a theme that seems to pervade throughout the Shwayze camp – doing the best with what you’ve got and just keep growing.

“I want to capture all genres of music. I want to rap on the Shwayze project, I want to work with a lot of different artists which we were able to do a little bit more on this record. I just want to try everything I can with music and just expand,” said Shwayze.

The Shwayze boys will be hitting the road this week on the Party Rock Tour with LMFAO. They are bringing out a full band and Shwayze guarantees that the shows will be insane, and for all ages. With “Let It Beat” as the driving force, it’s sure to be a damn good dance party.

“Let It Beat” hits music retailers today, don’t forget to get your copy and start getting down because Shwayze assures Blast they don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

“We’re just here for the long haul here, that’s what I want people to know.”

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