Did you know the New York Giants were playing the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football, on October 19, 2015? Probably not. What you did know was at halftime of this game the movie trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, part VII in the film series, would debut. Who won the game? Heck if I know, but it was worth watching a sloppy Eli Manning in the first half to get to the trailer (below).

I’m not a particular fan of JJ Abrams. Super 8 and Star Trek didn’t do much for me, but the trailer for The Force Awakens does intrigue. Pre-sell tickets are going like hot cakes, and the movie will probably break all box office records. Visually, it looks great. Hard to tell what the story will be like, but as many people have noted the pre-quels set a low bar and Abrams will most likely do better.

One topic of debate. Where is Luke Skywalker in the trailer? We know he is in the movie, but we don’t see him in the trailer. Some have speculated his arm can be seen touching R2D2 at one point, but that is all. Has he been corrupted by the dark side? Is there a twist of some kind in store for us? We’ll all have to wait two months to find out. The movie releases in mid-December 2015 in theaters not too far, far away…

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