12:30: Just waiting for the event to kick off. We’re expecting news on Gears of War, Halo, a Rare collection and a lot more. Stick with us!

And Here we go! We’re starting with a compilation of games. Forza, Halo, Tomb Raider, Gears.

12:23: Bonnie Ross from 343 Industries starts off the show. Looks like we’re getting our first look at Halo! She says it’s the greatest games lineup in Xbox History.

Halo 5: Guardians trailer being shown. As expected the game will deal with Master Chief again and whether he’s a traitor or not.  Looks like he’s being hunted by his own team.

Live gameplay now, with players playing as a squad of spartans hunting Master Chief. Huge, great looking maps.

Cool destructible environments and very cinnematic, Halo 5 looks much different than any game in the franchise before it.  Plus, it’s got Nathan Fillion.

12:40: We’re now getting a look at the online functionality of Halo 5. Tagline: Player VS player meets Player VS Everything.

12:42: Keiji Inafune’s new game being shown. It’s an Xbox One Exclusive.  Looks sort of like Mega Man meets Mad Max. It’s called Re-Core. No in game footage though. All pre-rendered.

12:45: Hey look everyone it’s Phil Spencer! He talks about how the mission is simple — put gamers first. Let’s see if they mention the word app. They didn’t at all last year.

12:47:  Xbox One is now backwards compatible. Yes! Digital and physical copies should work. Over 100 games by this holiday, more added as we go. An initial set is available today for preview members.

12:50:  Xbox Elite Wireless controller comes this fall. Hair trigger locks, more precise controls and more customization.

12:52: Todd Howard is back. More Fallout is always good news.

12:55:  We’re getting a more in-depth look at the combat. I know we’ve got a lot of E3 left to go but it’s going to be hard for any game to top Fallout 4. This game looks incredible in every sense of the word.

Todd Howard talks about how ambitious the world is, and it looks like it.

1:00 PM:  Mods created on the PC for Fallout 4 will be able to be transferred, played and saved for free on Xbox One.

1:01 PM: Peter Moore talking about EA Sports and promoting EA Access.  He says it’s getting even better as TitanFall is joining the vault this week meaning it’s becoming free. Dragon Age Inquisition is coming later this summer. Why do I even buy games anymore?

All Xbox Live Gold Members will get full access to the EA Access vault this week.

1:02 PM:  As expected, Plants VS Zombies 2 comes out next Spring and we’re getting our first look via a trailer.

1:05:  Forza 6 is next and they’re lowering a car…a damn car to the stage. It comes out 9-15 and as usual looks stunning.

1:10PM:  Dark Souls 3 is now being shown. I sort of expected this for the PS Conference. Out Spring 2016.

1:11 Pm: Tom Clancy’s The Division is next. Haven’t seen anything from the game in a while. Getting more info on the story from the trailer.

Laurent Detoc from Ubisoft comes on the stage. He yells Bonjour and one guy says hi back. One guy.

The game gets an Xbox One first beta in December.  We’re not talking about Rainbow Six: Siege which comes out this October. Rainbow Six Vegas one and 2 will be backward compatible this fall and will be free with the purchase of Siege.

1:17 PM: We’re getting our first look at Gigantic, a Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive. It’s going to be free to play with a beta in August.

1:18 PM:  Xbox One Indie games are next,I’m glad you guys couldn’t hear me scream when Cuphead was shown. This is a pretty impressive list of games though for sure.

Chris Charla, President of ID @Xbox comes out talking about how great the program has been.  Steve Gaynor of Fullbright comes out to talk about Gone Home and their new game Tacoma.

Derek Bradley from Aurora 44 is next to talk about Ashen. It’s a pretty cool looking art house style adventure game that gives you a lot of control.

Sherida Halatoe is talking about Beyond Eyes now. It’s a very ambitious adventure game where a little girl has limited sight and uses her other senses to explore the world around her. Really cool water color visuals.

Alright, now we’re talking Cuphead. You have my attention now Microsoft. If you haven’t been following this game you really should be. It’s a 16-bit style platformer that looks like a 1940s cartoon. No release date yet. Dammit.

1:27 PM: Xbox One Game Preview is being announced. It’s a Early Access type game program. You can download games with a trial first. Two games will be available today.

1:28 PM: Dean Hall is now talking about Day Z. Which is also part of the Early Access program. Now he’s talking about his new game, which will also be part of the preview program, Ion.

1:30 PM: First look at Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay, which is set to be an Xbox One Exclusive this holiday season.

1:37 PM:  The Rare Collection is up next. Battletoads and Conker along with Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie? I’m in.

It’s called Rare Replay and it’s out this August.  Craig Duncan, studio head of Rare is coming out to talk about it. 30 games a lot of them great but don’t expect Goldeneye.

We’re now getting a look at Rare’s next game that Duncan calls “The most ambitious game the studios has ever created.” It’s a pirate themed game that has different player controlled characters going on adventures with each other. A pretty cool ship fight sequence is then shown. It’s called Sea of Thieves.

1:42 PM: Fable Legends is shown and it’s coming out this Holiday. Kudo Tsunoda comes out to talk about the game. It’s free to play and cross save compatible between PC and Xbox.

1:45 PM:  They just announced a partnership with Valve VR. This combined with the the previous announced partnership with Oculus, which will now work with Xbox One.

1:46 PM:  Now we’re talking Holo-Lens and showing how it works with Minecraft.

Holy shit it’s like The Jetsons. He just made a whole Minecraft Hologram on the table in front of him.  Damn.

1:52 PM:  Now we’re talking about the Gears of War: ultimate Edition. It’s coming August 25 and is the first game completely rebuilt for the Xbox One. There’s also a public Beta that starts today. You know, the one that we all knew existed but apparently didn’t.

Now we’re getting our first look at the next Gears of War game.

Actual gameplay. Looks great, very massive and open.  COG soldiers are chasing down…something…

It may seem cliche but this is the most impressive Gears game to date. I’m guessing this one is a long ways out but wow.

It’s Gears for and it’s coming out Holiday season…of next year.

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