It is the day after Thanksgiving.  If you are like the majority of people who celebrate Thanksgiving, you overate or even gorged yourself.  How do you get back on track now?

Thanksgiving rebound workouts start with some hot lemon water

  1. Begin your morning listening to your body.  Start your morning with some hot water and lemon.  If you still feel full, do not force yourself to eat breakfast.  Although breakfast is an extremely important meal, overeating then forcing breakfast will only slow you down.  When you are ready, add some fruit and or vegetables to your breakfast to move things along in your digestive tract.  For example, make a smoothie with a combination of fruit and vegetables, add some broccoli to your scrambled eggs, or simply begin your day with a fruit salad.  Listen to your body and it will thank you.
  2. Forget the guilt.  One excessive day is not going to blow all of your hard work and progress, just like eating well for one day is not going to make you drop a pant size.  You indulged, enjoyed yourself, and overate some delicious food.  There is no reason to beat yourself up over it.  Acknowledge it and move on.
  3. Move on, seriously.  Get out and get moving.  Go for a walk, run, or bike ride.  Take a spin or Zumba class at your gym.  Lift some weights.  Just get out and get moving.  Living in a cold area is not an excuse.  You will begin to burn some of those extra calories, and it will energize you to return to your routine.

Here is a post Thanksgiving circuit that you can do even if you are traveling.

  • Warm-up: Jumping jacks (100) or 2 minutes jump rope.
  • Tricep dips (you can use a chair if you are in a hotel) – 12
  • Wall sit – 45 seconds
  • Push-ups – 15
  • Squats – 15
  • Plank – 45 seconds

Do this circuit three to five times based on your fitness level.  If this is still too easy for you, add time to the wall sit and plank, and do squat jumps instead of squats.  Make sure you stretch afterward.

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Kristen Gard is a Blast Magazine correspondent and Certified Personal Trainer. She is the founder of Ace Boot Camp in Jacksonville, N.C.

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