It looks like Kelly Clarkson will have to pick out a different engagement ring. The UK has successfully banned the singer from taking home Jane Austen’s gold and turquoise ring.

After being outbid by the 31-year-old pop star at an auction last year, the Jane Austen’s House Museum launched a campaign in August to raise money to buy the ring from Clarkson. Its goal was met with the help of donations from loyal Austen fans, TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh, and an anonymous donor who generously gave 100,000 euros to the effort. The British government moved to impose an export ban on the ring in hopes to keep it for the country, giving the museum time to acquire the necessary funding. Clarkson, who had planned to wear the ring for her engagement, accepted the $253,300 offer causing Austen fans across the UK to celebrate. The museum, located in Chawton, Hampshire where Austen spent the last eight years of her life and wrote all six of her completed novels, plans to have the ring on display starting next year.

As one of only three remaining pieces of jewelry known to have belonged to the author, the ring is considered somewhat of a national treasure for the UK. The turquoise stone, Austen’s birthstone, symbolizes wisdom and spiritual journeys. Although it is unknown if it was a gift or a purchase by the author, the ring has been in the Austen family for over 200 years. Following Austen’s death in 1817 from an unknown illness, the ring was passed to her sister Cassandra then on to her sister-in-law Eleanor Austen until is was auctioned off last year.
The original American Idol, ever the lady, remained gracious throughout the ordeal and expressed happiness for the museum.
“The ring is a beautiful national treasure and I am happy to know that so many Jane Austen fans will get to see it at Jane Austen’s House Museum,” Clarkson said.

With the news full of Miley Cyrus twerking controversy and naked Instagram pictures of Rihanna, it’s refreshing to see the singer handle a major historical, international obstacle with so much sophistication. Clarkson has always kept it classy, and it’s nice to see that after more than a decade in the spotlight, she has remained elegant and down-to-earth.

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