Recently the New York Post posted an article about Jen Selter, a 20-year-old “Instagram star.”

What the heck is an Instagram star?  Apparently, it’s someone who has a great butt and posts selfies of said butt. She also skipped college for “Internet” stardom, currently making her money as a spokesperson for companies such as Game Plan Nutrition.

So what’s the big deal?  Is this girl the next up and coming Kim Kardashian?  She has a big butt so we should all be ogling her?  Let’s be clear, I am all about celebrating a woman with curve, or curves.  I am not about celebrating a person who has done absolutely nothing to become successful.  She posted a few pictures of her butt and everyone lost their mind.

This girl has a plan that works for her, but that does not mean it translates for everyone, nor does it mean that she knows how to make a plan that works for everyone.  There are people who go to school for years to gain the true knowledge and experience to teach others how to eat for their goals and their bodies.  This girl, on the other hand, has some great genes and hard work, so apparently she has the knowledge to recommend supplements and workouts for others.

This is not to diminish her hard work, rather to illustrate how backward our society continues to become.  A random girl with a great body, who has no experience outside caring for her own body, now has authority to represent nutritional supplements.  Meanwhile, others who go to school and understand the ins and outs of nutrition are deemed “granola hippies” because they preach eating real food over taking supplements.  Real nutritionists tend to recommend taking care of your body for the long haul, over taking supplements for the instant satisfaction.  But hey, this girl has a nice butt and I saw it on Instagram, so I’m sure she knows what she’s talking about too…

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Kristen Gard is a Blast Magazine correspondent and Certified Personal Trainer. She is the founder of Ace Boot Camp in Jacksonville, N.C.

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