Anyone who keeps anything of importance on their computer can tell you nightmares about losing their files. They’ll tell you about how they lost all of their important files right before the big presentation, or how they had to spend hours syncing their playlists, or worse – lost all of their family pictures.

I experienced this nightmare at last year’s E3 convention in LA, the biggest event every year for the gaming industry. I had just been part of a closed-door presentation on an as-of-yet unannounced title from a major publisher, only to have my laptop crash mere hours later. Everything — all of my notes, my pictures, everything…was lost. I spent the rest of the show using colleagues’ computers and panicking that I was going to lose even more.

Then I got serious. Then I got Carbonite.


Think of Carbonite as your safety net, as the program acts as a catchall for nearly all of your irreplaceable files including your pictures, documents and yes, even your music. All of your files are safely uploaded automatically to the cloud so you’ll have access to them on nearly any computer connected to the Internet. I, for instance, took a conference call on my work computer, but was able to access the notes that I wrote at home – no jump drives, no e-mailing, just a lot of peace of mind.

The great thing about the Carbonite service is that it’s so easy to use. Upon setup, you’re given the choice to have Carbonite run and back up everything or pick specific files and file types, then that’s it – Carbonite runs in the background and backs everything up. There’s also an app for tablets and smartphones that allows you to access your files on the go and backs up the photos and videos on your mobile devices. With Carbonite, what I write on my iMAC at home can be shared with my work PC, my phone and my tablet, eliminating a lot of stress and worry.

Since it was founded in 2005, Carbonite has helped their customers safely back up more than 300 billion files and recover almost 20 billion files that otherwise would have been lost forever. Want to try out Carbonite for free? The company offers a15-day, no credit card required free trial. All you’ve got to do is go to BGand click on free trial. If you type in the offer code SUNNY13 when you start a trial, you will get two bonus months if you decide to purchase. Unlimited backup space is just $59 a year. E3 is hectic enough, at least this year I won’t have to worry about losing a week’s worth of work.


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