I’m not going to lie: at first I was scared. If they were coming back, were lime green spandex or tie dye hi-tops going to be next? But after a few weeks of deliberation, and then after I saw Bloomingdales.com had sold out of their exclusive pink color, I bought Tory Burch’s version of the jelly shoe in equestrian orange. They are so comfortable, and perfect for a rainy spring (or summer, at this rate) day when my Burberry rain boots would be a hotbox for my poor pedicured feet. Now, I can’t get enough! I am pining over all of the jellies out there with the attention Grams Bear has to give to Hugs and Tugs (well, since we were referencing the eighties…)

For not so rainy days:
Ralph Lauren’s Karly Jelly Sandal
I love it in fuchsia!
For wet city sidewalks:
Melissa Campana Corallo Jelly Ballet Flats.
Some Saks stores carry them in gold and black.
The Splurge:
Melissa J Maskrey Flat Smoke
Loving the sparkles!

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