After eight seasons, a lot of red herrings and a slew of close calls, we finally have a face for How I Met Your Mother’s mystery woman.

Tonight’s season eight finale often felt like it was dragging until the last two minutes, when we saw the often talked about cowboy boots, yellow umbrella and bass guitar case to pan up and reveal that the mother will be played be Cristin Milioti.

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Okay., that’s fair. Milioti is not exactly a household name, but the woman who would be Mrs. Mosby is actually a very accomplished actress, most known for her roles on Broadway in Once and in TV shows like Nurse Jackie, The Sopranos and 30 Rock.

Not much is known about How I met Your Mother: Season 9, but it was quite the interesting cliffhanger. Want even more Cristin? Here’s a video of her from the Tony Awards:

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