For everyone who missed the MTV Movie Awards last night, the whole evening can be summed up by three letters “" W, T, and F. Together they spell WTF, or for the blunt “" what the fuck?

The awards from their inception have been the MTV generation’s response to the other golden statue “adult” award shows, thus seriousness has never been a top priority. The antics are usually good for a laugh but last night was more awkward than the two hours of blue penis in “Watchmen.”

SNL Digital Short mastermind Andy Samberg was at the helm of the FAIL boat this year (pun absolutely intended). It felt like Samberg was out of his element the entire time he was on stage and only hit his stride was in the”¦well, digital shorts. From the naked-in-Justin-Timberlake’s-limo opening to the “Doubt” video game, the filmed skits were definitely a high for the show. Anyone looking to getcliff notes of the best moments should go for the Samberg, Will Ferrell and “Star Trek” mastermind JJ Abrams’s tribute to bad guys walking away from explosions. You won’t be sorry.

Outside of the pre-taped skits, the best moment of the show award will have to go to Oscar winner Forrest Whitaker’s rendition of “Dick In A Box.” The number, which also featured Leanne Rhymes, hit the perfect mix of inappropriate and entertaining to make the situation just funny. Sadly, other “impromptu” moments of the show didn’t go so well.

I am of course referring to the “Bruno” run in with Eminem. Sasha Baron Cohen is famous for going where no other person would consider going (Borat, anyone?). This year he attended the Awards show as his newest character Bruno, an Austrian fashion designer who will have his own movie coming out later this summer. Cohen, as Bruno, was to present the Best Male Performance award. He flew in from the rafters as a dove but instead of making it to the stage, he got dropped ass-up on top of Eminem. I am still not sure if the drop in on Eminem specifically was intended but it was clear that the Detroit rapper was not warned of Cohen’s antics. Eminem’s entourage quickly removed Cohen’s half-nakedness but not before the entire audience awkwardly stared and giggled at Bruno’s protests: “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Oh hey, don’t worry! I already have a boyfriend.”

To anyone unaware that the stunt had gone awfully awry, it became obvious when Eminem and crew promptly stormed out of the show and Zac Efron accepted his golden popcorn without the nominees even being read.

I’d like to hope that MTV didn’t purposefully intend to offend their headlining performer, moments after he had gotten off stage. If Cohen was dropped from the ceiling as a pre-planned event instead of making it to the stage, you’d think they’d pick a victim more likely to be receptive to the joke, but instead it just created a dramatic moment and the large majority of viewers bewildered as to what had just happened. Personally, I think Zachary Quinto’s face, as shown by this picture (thanks Livejournal ONTD’ers) during the entire disaster sums up everyone’s feelings on the matter. Shock mixed with uncomfortable laughter “" what else could you do?

It might be noticeable that I have gone through this entire review with little reference to the awards themselves. There’s a simple term to explain that too “" Twilight. This was the first time that the award nominations and winners were both decided by online voters, which could explain why the vampire epic was nominated for seven awards. They walked away with five, including Best Movie and acting nods for both Kristin Stewart (Best Female Performance) and Robert Pattinson (Best Breakthrough Male). Halfway through the show it became no surprise when one of the Vampire crew got up to accept an award. I might be a little biased because I enjoy sipping Twilight “hatorade” more than most, but each of Pattinson’s acceptance speeches seemed forced and condescending as shown by his lackluster “thank you”s. I am sure as an aspiring actor it is disillusioning thinking that you will be spending the rest of your life known as Edward Cullen, but this franchise has made him a household name and you’d think the least he could do when legions of fans honor him is act convincingly grateful.

Other winners included Jim Carrey for Best Comedic Performance (adding another notch to his belt as the person with the most golden popcorns), and Ashley Tisdale for Best Breakthrough Female. Miley Cyrus won first-time-category “Best Song from a Film” with “The Climb” from “The Hannah Montana Movie”.

Ironically, Amy Poehler’s Best WTF Moment win for peeing in the sink in “Baby Mama” was one of the few moments of the show that made sense. The show wasn’t without good moments but overall, it seemed that this year everyone was trying just a little too hard to hit the mark and undershot or drastically missed the point.

In the spirit of internet acronyms the 2009 MTV Movie Awards can be summed up as following: wtf, idk idgi”¦lol? In that order.

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