8:04 No actual console was shown, but the PS4 is scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release. That wraps up our live blog coverage. Thanks for joining us!

8:01 Bungie President and other team members take the stage to talk Destiny. PS4 is a great platform for its open-world connectivity.

7:58 Bungie’s Destiny is coming to PS4.

7:57 Activision’s Eric Hirshberg takes the stage.

7:54 Diablo III will be available on PS3  and PS4.

7:52 Blizzard Entertainment’s Chris Metzen takes the stage to “rule the world” with Sony.

7:46 Watch Dogs!

7:43 Ubisoft co-founder and CEO Yves Guillemot takes the stage.

7:41 Final Fantasy Brand Director Shinji Hashimoto takes the stage. “We are preparing for development of our Final Fantasy title.” To be shown next year.

7:39 Agni’s Philosophy tech demo isn’t new. Was actually shown at last year’s E3…

7:34 Square Enix’s Yoshihisa Hatsumoto showing off cinematic demo.

7:33 Deep Down looks a lot like Dragon’s Dogma mixed with Skyrim and realistic facial animations.

7:31 Capcom showing off its new Panta Rhei engine and a new IP that uses it.

7:28 Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono takes the stage.

7:25 Media Molecule shows off a live demo of players moving characters on-screen like puppeteers and other players banging the Move controller in the air to play drums on-screen.

7:22 “Tyranny of the Polygon” – not all games need to graphic-heavy. PlayStation Move is being used for creative journeys.

7:20 Media Molecule’s Alex Evans –  “record your dreams”

7:18 Cage talks about games that can show emotion without words or sounds thanks to the new graphics engine that allows them to show emotion through facial expressions, eyes, etc.

7:15 Beyond’s David Cage takes the stage.

7:10 The Witness for PS4 – an open-world puzzle game. Looks amazing.

7:08 Indie game support time. Braid’s Jonathan Blow takes the stage.

7:05 Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox introduces a PS4-exclusive game: inFamous: Second Son

6:59 Real-world details and subtleties when designing cars, both inside and out.

6:58 Driveclub is real-time and asynchronous. Rewards playing with people.

6:57 Evolution Studio showing off Driveclub, a team racing game.

6:46 Managing Director of Gorilla Games Herman Holtz talking about Killzone: Shadowfall.

6:42 Developers talking about the potential of the PS4.

6:39 PS4 will offer future playability of older PS games through its Cloud service. No details on backwards compatibility yet.

6:37 PlayStation Vita will be able to Remote Play PS4 games. Knack is being shown on the Vita.

6:34 Players will be able to play their friends game’s to help them out. Giving developers “director-like status” to manipulate levels to assist you.

6:33 Improving spectating experience. Sharing button lets you broadcast your game session live to your friends. Friends can comment on your screen.

6:32 Social networks will be combined to create the “first social gaming network with meaning.”

6:31 Sony is “creating the fastest network for gaming in the world.” Gaikai Cloud technology. Free.

6:29 Dave Perry, CEO of Gaikai, takes the stage.

6:27 Sharing can be done with other Sony devices.

6:26 Sharing videos will take the place of screenshots. Can be shared via a tap of a button.

6:24 Game updates will run in the background as you play without interrupting your session.

6:23 Booting and loading “will be a thing of the past.”

6:22 Knack, a cartoony game with humans and ogres coming to PS4.

6:19 New title Cerny is directing being shown.

6:18 Dual Shock 4 introduced. Better rumble, touch pad, headphone jack, light bar to identify players. Designed in tandem with a stereo camera to track 3D position of controller.

6:16 X86 procesor, enchanced PC GPU, 8 GB unified memory, local storage HDD

6:14 Sony’s “goal was to create an architecture to facilitate the expression of” developers’ ideas.

6:12 Mark Cerny, lead system architect for Sony, on stage talking about Sony’s current platforms.

6:11 PS4 will “unleash” your imaginations.

6:09 PS4 logo shown.

6:08 “Today, we will give you a glimpse into the future of play.” A “reimagination of the consumer experience.”

6:06 Sony talk more about “PlayStation Vita’s potential later this year.” Will bring it to the living room. More Wii U GamePad-like implementation, perhaps?

6:06 House: “Today, we’ll show you how we’re strengthening the PlayStation ecosystem through hardware and software.” Connectivity and consumers are his themes.

6:03 Andrew House takes the stage

6:03 PlayStation has always pushed the boundaries it seems.

6:01 PlayStation’s greatest hits montage on screen. Lots of classic games and commercials being shown.

6:00 Show is starting

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