I am probably the least edgy person you will ever meet. I wear a ridiculous amount of Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew. Somehow, though, I have a Carrie Bradshaw-style obsession with the wide world of fashion. Moonlighting at an ƒ¼ber-trendy Boston salon for six months didn’t help. I even let them try to make me more edgy by dying my hair red (oh no, not Bree Van der Kamp strawberry-blond… think punk-rock violet-red with black streaks). Well that didn’t match my preppy palette of clothing… or my stash of lip gloss, not to mention my personality, so I am back to blonde (a color removal rinse and 10 hours-2 sessions- of highlighting later), but my fashion obsession remains.

Here are some of my favorites for fall:

5. The color red (Ironic?):

Okay, Harper’s Bazaar listed the color red as one of fall’s biggest trends. I haven’t seen it listed anywhere else, nor have I seen any eye-catching outfits in the ruby family, but I have a pair of patent leather red flats that I purchased several years ago that love to see a day out on the town:

4. All-season sandals

Liz wore a fabulous pair of tan caged sandals to Heather’s wedding, and, although I adored them, never thought I could pull them off. Then, I was flipping through the ever-mesmerizing September fashion mags, and fell in love with Elizabeth and James’ spectacularly strappy sandals:


I couldn’t bring myself, though, to spend $350 at Nordstrom for a pair of footwear I wasn’t even sure how to wear. Would they be so intimidating they would forever be confined to a life among flats in my closet? I couldn’t do it. So I settled for a “beginner” pair of Dolce Vitas, less than a third of the cost for a smaller sacrifice in style. Now, can I wear these to work?


3. Cool palette polish colors

Okay, I missed the boat in the Spring, when Essie released their fabulous blue color “Mesmerize” and their exclusive, limited edition “North Fork” collection of sea-green, gray and light blue. If you’ve been living under the pink-neutral rock that I’ve been stuck under, grab your remover pads and go blue or gray for fall! PS: eNail Supply still carries Essie’s elite “North Fork” shades — and for less than $8 each!

Essie's North Fork Collection

Essie's North Fork Collection

Now, maybe after this, I’ll be able to transition myself to Opi’s ever-popular dark Espana Collection…

2. Thriftiness

Okay, I’ve read that this is the season for recycling and re-wearing, which makes me ecstatic to be able to pull out my Dorothy-esque patent leathers to fulfill my red quota.

It also has inspired me to hunt through my closet for classics – you know, the Burberry scarf, black Stuart Weiszman pumps (that I realized last night at Mohegan Sun now sport chew marks — thanks, Teddy!!!), the Brooks Brothers pencil skirt – and maybe I’ll even splurge on a new one. Like Burberry’s ever-classic-ever-popular Classic Quilted Jacket. Now, when will my raise get approved again?!

1. Cashmere leggings!

I have been obsessed with the idea of cashmere leggings since I saw that DVF epitomized comfortable luxury in the “Chris Noth Plays Mr. Mom” spread in the July 2009 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.


I was even willing to splurge on the $198 leggings because I loved them so much, but haven’t seen them anywhere yet! I think a call to DVF may be in order. Until then, I’ve found Victoria’s Secret “Cotton & cashmere sweater legging” for $38! I’ll let you know if they compare to my vision of the dreamy DVF pair.

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